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Fracking Operations Drawing Closer To Columbus

knox co drill entrancesite
The "Road to Riches" at the entrance of the Knox County drilling site. This is the closest fracking well to Columbus.
18, 2012

Now, a few oil and gas companies are moving their fracking operations west, closer to Columbus to look for potential riches. The latest well is being drilled in an area less than an hour from Columbus.

Benefit or Burden – Non Profits Feel the Pinch

October 19, 2007

Nowhere is the insurance crisis more keenly felt than among small non-profit organizations. While commercial businesses may pass along increased costs to their customers, non-profits cannot.

Benefit or Burden- Government health benefits are not what they used to be

October 18, 2007

The state of Ohio and the federal government are two of central Ohio’s largest employers. The Common thinking is people who work in government make less money than those in the private sector, but the benefits are great. While government health insurance benefits are still good, agencies and employees are starting to see some big changes.

Benefit or Burden – Small Business – Big Health Care Bills

Payne's Automotive Service
October 17, 2007

We’ve heard how large corporations and their employees are struggling to pay health insurance bills. Often times, small companies have it worse. The lack a large workforce. They lack negotiating clout. In part three of our series – Benefit or Burden – The Rising Cost of Health Insurance, we tell the small business story.

Benefit or Burden – Worthington Industries – Takes medicine, costs under its umbrella

October 16, 2007

A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows family coverage premiums in the United States reached $1,000 dollars per month this year for the first time. As the plans get more expensive, companies and their workers are paying more. But, workers at one north side company pay, at most, $40 per month. In Part Two of our series, Benefit or Burden–The Rising Cost of Health Insurance, WOSU’s Tom Borgerding visits Worthington Industries,a 52 year old home-grown steel processor.

Benefit or Burden – Scotts Agressively Attacks Rising Health Insurance Costs

Scotts-Miracle Gro's Fitness Center at in Marysville
October 15, 2007

Scotts- Miracle Grow. Last year Scotts-Miracle Gro spent 22 million dollars for employee health benefits. The Marysville based fertilizer company is aggressively trying to keep the cost down. It has instituted a controversial no-smoking policy and it’s built a fitness center at its headquarters.