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Pace of Mortgage Loan Modifications Under Obama Plan Painstakingly Slow

Ohio Housing Finance Agency's Cindy Flaherty
24, 2009

The number of U.S. households on the verge of losing their homes rose 7 percent from June to July in part because the foreclosure crisis continues to outpace government efforts to limit the damage. There seems to be an abundance of help at every turn, but are banks modifying loans as fast as they possibly can?

Franklin Co. Foreclosures Swell As Economy Stalls

22, 2009

WOSU begins a new series – Facing the Mortgage Crisis. Over the next several weeks we’ll report on how the mortgage crisis is affecting Central Ohio and let you know how you can seek help if you or your neighbor faces foreclosure. The first report examines the foreclosure process and the benefits of getting help early.

Huntington Bank And Columbus Housing Partnership To Help With The Foreclosure Crisis

29, 2009

Huntington Bank and Columbus Housing Partnership are coming together to help combat the foreclosure crisis in Central Ohio. WOSU’S Kim Fox reports, Huntington is devoting millions of dollars to the effort.

Ohioans React to Presidents’s Bank Investment Plan

14, 2008

President Bush today announced a $250 billion plan by the government to buy shares in banks – the latest move to calm the turmoil in the financial markets and stave off a deep recession. Bush said the plan, along with other steps, would help return the economy to a path of growth and prosperity. Some Ohioans agree with the president, others are skeptical.

Farm Bill Recieves Support from Religious Groups

10, 2007

Donations are down and food is running out at Ohio food banks. Religious and anti-hunger advocates are not just looking for canned donations, but also for some charitable action from the Senate. Religious groups have always weighed in on the food stamp program, but this time they are linking farm policies to poverty, nutrition and environmentalism. Senate Democrats are trying to bring the bill back to the floor this week.

Food Banks Extra Busy During Holidays

19, 2007

A tough job market, high gas prices and the rising price of groceries have brought more and more people to Ohio’s food banks and pantries, especially in the days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Officials break ground on new Clippers stadium

2, 2007

Politicians and Columbus city officials broke ground today at the future home of the Columbus Clippers. Huntington Park is slated to open for the 2009 season and will replace Cooper Stadium.

Columbus Area Law Enforecment Battle High Powered Weaponry

AK-47 assault rifle
February 22, 2007

There’s something of an arms race happening on the streets of Columbus. The police say they’re encountering more and more assault style weapons in the hands of law-breakers, tilting the balance of power in the criminals’ favor. The police say they’re implementing ways to meet the challenge.

Economic Snapshot of Region Is Blurred By Lack of Job Growth

26, 2006

The Federal Reserve today releases its latest snapshot of economic activity. Regional figures will show the economic health of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky.

Governor Taft Signs Predatory Lending Blill

20, 2006

Governor Taft has signed a bill that targets lenders and mortgage brokers who prey on consumers with bad credit or low incomes.