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Tea Party Endorsement Carries Weight in Auditor’s Race

12, 2010

The Tea Party movement is endorsing Seth Morgan over David Yost in that contested Republican primary for Ohio Auditor.

Ohio Auditor Says She Needs More State Budget Information.

3, 2009

Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor says she has not been given the information she needs to do the audit of state government that should have been done months ago. But the Governor’s budget director says there’s a good reason for the delay.

Special Audits Reveal Millions In Stolen or Embezzled Funds.

13, 2008

Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor says special investigations have found $11,000,000 that is owed to state and local governments.

Complex Columbus Bond Package Awaits Voters in November

Auditor Hugh Dorrian
September 11, 2008

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and his administration are campaigning hard for passage of a $1.6 billion bond package.