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Columbus City School Board: No Public Access To Ethics Training

Columbus City Schools Board of Education closed its ethics training session to the public.
August 29, 2012

Members of the Columbus School Board were trained by state ethics employees last night. And later they met with the recently-hired district attorney. But what went on during those meetings remains a mystery.

Columbus City Schools Retains Attorneys

Columbus City Schools retains legal counsel to assist with school attendance investigation.
August 22, 2012

The Columbus City Schools District has retained outside legal counsel in the wake of the attendance data investigation being conducted by the state. WOSU reports school board members approved the move at last night’s board meeting.

State Auditor’s YouTube Video Raises Questions

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost appearing in a new YouTube video urging Columbus City Schools employees to report any potential wrong-doing.
13, 2012

Dave Yost is defending the video asking for tips in the possible rigging of attendance data in Columbus City Schools.

Columbus City Schools Superintendent: Did Not Order Data Rigging

Columbus City Schools Superintendent Gene Harris would not say whether she will resign if a state investigation reveals attendance data fraud.
August 8, 2012

The investigation continues into whether Columbus City School administrators changed attendance data. The district’s superintendent maintains she knew nothing of the alleged rigging. WOSU sat down with Harris prior to last night’s school board meeting to discuss the district’s – and the superintendent’s – future.

Harris: Principals May Have Received Bonuses For Changing Records

A Columbus City Schools internal auditor recently told the school board that she's found evidence of school attendance data being changed outside of the normal window for adjustments.
August 7, 2012

Columbus City Schools superintendent Gene Harris says some principals might have received financial bonuses by changing student attendance records to boost their state report card numbers.

New Allegations In Columbus City Schools Data Rigging

Columbus City Schools superintendent Gene Harris is accused of interfering in a 2004 internal audit.
August 3, 2012

A former Columbus City Schools auditor alleges the superintendent interfered during a student attendance probe in 2004.

Columbus City School Board Members Push For Clarity, Solutions

Columbus City Schools Audit
Columbus City Schools Audit and Accountability Committee met to discuss the on-going investigation into attendance data tampering. District Internal Auditor Carolyn Smith (right) accused School Board president Carol Perkins with pressuring her to wrap up the probe.
27, 2012

Columbus City Schools board members met with the district’s auditor to discuss, some for the first time, the on-going investigation into allegations of attendance rigging.

Officials Still Investigating Possible Data Scrubbing In Columbus

Ohio Superintendent of Schools Stan Heffner says the investigation of changes made to student attendance data in several districts could lead to criminal charges for any educators who commit fraud.
July 26, 2012

The investigation into the possible altering of student attendance records to boost district report card ratings continues as state education officials say the Lockland school district in suburban Cincinnati filed false attendance data to improve its state report card.