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Former OSU Chimps Lose Lawsuit

18, 2008

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is considering appealing a Texas court decision that seven former Ohio State University primates do not have the legal right to sue. PETA tried to get legal standing for the primates, saying the conditions of their sanctuary was substandard.

Lawmakers say violence against animals could lead to a violent future

11, 2007

Former mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first victim, hitchiker Steven Hicks, in Bath Ohio in 1978. Dahmer went on to kill 16 more men and boys during the next fifteen years. But Dahmer’s first victim wasn’t human. He had a history of mutilating and butchering animals as a young child. Dahmer’s early history with has served as inspiration for a bill being considered by Ohio lawmakers that would identify children who are at risk of becoming violent offenders in the future.

Central Ohio animal rescue operations remain unregulated despite abuses.

2, 2007

Recent stories of animal abuse have failed to spur efforts to regulate animal rescue operations.

OSU Faces Possible Loss of Animal Research Funding

26, 2006

Ohio State University is revising its animal research programs. Changes were made after the university was notified that it risks losing accreditation from a nationally-recognized animal care group.