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Corn Harvest Going Well In Fayette Co., OH

September 24, 2007

Driving the back roads of Ohio may take a little longer this time of year. Farm machinery is headed to and from the field as trucks haul the harvest into town. The wind is whipping up dried corn leaves too, another sign that the corn harvest is underway. In Fayette County, southwest of Columbus, farmers might have a good crop year in spite of a shortage of rainfall.

Wendy’s Disputes Revenue Downturn

26, 2007

Officials at the Dublin-based headquarters of Wendy’s International say reports that first quarter revenues are down 71% from the same time a year ago are misleading.

Real Estate Revaluations May Influence Tax Levy Outcomes

31, 2005

Several school tax levies will appear on Franklin County ballots in November. Supporters say additional money is needed for things like curricula, buildings and operating expenses. But recent real estate revaluations may cause voters to think twice about approving more taxes.