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Course Requires Students Map Out Own Business Plan

Members of Patrick O'Brien's business class, which instructs students to map out their life.
12, 2014

Some Miami students are going to leave with more than words. A special business class requires students to map out their career paths before they leave campus.

County Commits $80K To Fight Terrorism Recruitment

The money to help fight terrorism recruitment comes from the Department of Homeland Security.
April 4, 2012

The Franklin County Commissioners say they will spend $80,000 to prevent terrorist recruitment efforts.

American Electric Power Welcomes High Court Ruling

Conesville Smokestacks
Smokestacks owned mostly by American Electric Power billow emissions from the Conesville Power Plant in Conesville, Ohio. The Supreme Court recently ruled that the authority to seek reductions in power plant emissions rests with the federal Environmental Protection Agency.
20, 2011

American Electric Power of Columbus today says it welcomes a U-S Supreme Court ruling in an air pollution case. The high court blocked a federal lawsuit by states and conservation groups against AEP and four other utilities seeking limits on carbon dioxide emissions.

Explained: Why Your Neighbors Get Power Back First

4, 2011

This week’s ice storm left more than 100,000 people without power in Franklin County. While 99 percent has been restored, some of your neighbors still may be in the dark. WOSU reports the possibility – or lack thereof – of a better power distribution system.

American Electric Power Begins Offering “Time-of Day” Rates.

28, 2011

American Electric Power is now offering “time-of-day” rates to its customers with so-called smart meters that measure real time electric usage.

Graduation Gap Remains Steady at 30 Percent

15, 2010

President Barack Obama yesterday urged students to work hard and stay in school. But for many African American boys, staying in school has proven difficult. Despite concerted efforts to close it, Ohio’s high school graduation rate gap between black and white boys remains wide. WOSU reports on the ongoing complex problem.

Groups Oppose Legislative Action To Move Columbus Casino

21, 2010

Efforts to move the Columbus casino from the arena district to the west side of the city now shift to the Ohio legislature. Lawmakers must approve an amendment that would place the issue on the ballot for a statewide vote in May. But not every Ohioan supports legislative action.

Ohio Receives Million Dollar Settlement

7, 2010

Ohio has received $1.6 million as part of a settlement in the largest environmental bankruptcy case in U.S. history.

Airlines And Port Columbus Reach Revenue Sharing Deal

7, 2009

Port Columbus and 10 airlines that serve the international airport have signed a revenue sharing agreement. Port Columbus officials say the new agreement is designed to encourage carriers to maintain and perhaps expand airline service to the city.

Attendees At Quarter Horse Congress React To North Side Shooting

22, 2009

It could be up to a Franklin County grand jury to determine if an elderly woman should face charges in the fatal shooting of an alleged would be robber. Columbus police say the 70-year-old woman shot and killed a man who barged into a hotel room with a gun demanding money. The woman was attending the All American Quarter Horse Congress at the state fairgrounds. Some people attending the event say they’re shaken but not surprised by the incident.