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Hot Weather, Algae Kills Fish At Ohio Lake

Algae at Grand Lake St. Marys
Algae-saturated water at Grand Lake St. Marys in 2010
25, 2013

High temperatures have contributed to the growth of toxic blue-green algae that has killed scores of fish in Ohio’s largest inland lake.

State Considers “Certifying” Farmers To Cut Algae Blooms

File photo
27, 2013

Algae blooms are a big problem on Ohio’s lakes: they’re toxic and can have a big impact on tourism. Now state lawmakers are looking at “certifying” farmers as one way to tone it down.

Ohio Program Aims To Cut Down On Lake Erie’s Algae

Lake Erie
13, 2013

Ohio’s natural resources department says more than 35,000 acres of farmland have been put into a program that’s designed to reduce the amount of fertilizer that ends up in Lake Erie.

$8.5 Million Algae Treatment Not Working

The 13,000-acre Grand Lake St. Marys in western Ohio was sprayed with aluminum sulfate in April that was supposed to keep the blue-green algae from feeding on phosphorous in the water. A similar treatment was applied last year.
15, 2012

A two-year, $8.5 million project to stop toxic algae in Ohio’s largest inland lake isn’t working.

Kasich, GOP Lawmakers Reach Compromise On Lake Erie Withdrawals

A satellite image shows a massive algae bloom in Lake Erie's western basin. Scientists have linked algae to water withdrawals, pollution, and farm runoff.
17, 2012

The Governor vetoed an earlier version of the bill after it was sharply criticized by environmentalists, former Ohio governors, and current governors in other Great Lakes states.

State Revisits Algae Blooms

A satellite image shows a massive algae bloom in Lake Erie's western basin in late September.
3, 2011

State officials worry tainted water could hurt Lake Erie’s $10 billion tourism industry.

Farmers and Land Owners Enticed to Clean-Up Land

21, 2010

Farm runoff was one major catalyst for the toxic green-blue algae that closed Ohio waterways and shut down tourism at parks this summer. A federal farm official visited Columbus to discuss ways her agency will work with farmers and other private land owners to create sustainable agriculture.

Two More Ohio Lakes Face Closure Due To Toxic Algae

11, 2010

Another Ohio lake could be off limits to swimmers and boaters if lab results come back that it has toxic algae. The toxic scum have flourished in ponds and lakes across Ohio this summer. WOSU found out why.

Toxic Algae Spotted, Camp Bans Swimming

27, 2010

The blue-green algae that has taken over Grand Lake St. Marys this summer was discovered on a Y campground in Bellefontaine. Summer campers have been banned from swimming in the camp’s lake.

Tourism Suffering At Grand Lake St. Marys

July 12, 2010

Grand Lake St. Marys in western Ohio is the state’s largest inland lake. It’s a state park that for years has been a popular tourist destination. But farm runoff has polluted the waters. Now there’s an algae bloom that’s the worst in the lake’s history. Tourism is drying up and some local people are irritated by what they believe is inaction by state officials.