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Ohio Produce Farmers Monitor Food Safety Bills In Congress.

21, 2010

While attention is focused this week on financial regulatory reform on Capitol Hill, congress is also considering stricter food safety standards. Ohio consumers, and some small and medium sized produce farmers in Ohio are watching what congress does.

Ohio State Hopes to Increase Awareness of Agriculture College

30, 2010

Governor Ted Strickland visited Ohio State yesterday to help introduce a plan he hopes will increase university enrollment and expand economic growth.

Ohio Legislators Push For Cockfighting Crackdown

10, 2009

Some Ohio legislators are pushing again to stiffen the punishment for people involved with cock-fighting. A bill to make the crime a felony has just been recommended by lawmakers on the Ohio House Agriculture Committee. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.

Ohio Farmers Prepare For More Volatility For Crops.

15, 2009

The federal Department of Agriculture predicts that farm income will fall 20 percent this year. But such a decline comes after big gains in 2008. And Farm income has been a bright spot during the past six to nine months while other sectors of the economy faltered. In Madison County, west of Columbus, farmers, equipment dealers and bankers prepare for economic uncertainty.

Large Scale Collection of Emerald Ash Borers to Begin This Spring

20, 2008

State agriculture officials have a new way to try to stop a tree-killing insect. They will begin hanging more than 7,000 traps this spring to catch the Emerald Ash Borer. The Asian insect has damaged or killed an estimated 25 million ash trees in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

ODA’s New Milking Labeling Balances Public’s Right To Know with Free Speech

Union Co. dairyman Rob Bouic says that rBST free milk demanded by large supermarket chains has hurt his milk production business.
February 11, 2008

After months of study by the state and after input from various stakeholders, the Ohio agriculture department has developed new rules governing the labeling of dairy products. The state agriculture director says the new regulations balance the right of free speech with the public’s right to know.

Mount Gilead Farm Thrives on Produce Subscriptions

At the Clintonville Farmers Market, Ben and Lisa Sipple display produce from their Community Supported Agriculture farm.
July 23, 2007

Much attention is given to the problems facing family-owned farms in Ohio and elsewhere. Problems include weather, disappearing farmland, pollution from field run off, and a population that is increasingly non-rural. A small but growing idea tries to address all of these issues, except – of course – the weather.

Weird weather affecting crops

5, 2007

Golfing, wave runners and blooming forsythia. Those are often considered evidence of spring and summer. But it’s January. The unseasonably warm weather may be considered a blessing for outdoorsmen and plants. But farmers say the weather is not good for their crops.

Ohio’s Rural Voters Play Big Role In Political Contests

25, 2006

Ohio is awash in politics this fall as the Republican party works to hold onto majorities at the statehouse and in congress. Democrats are working just as hard to gain more political clout in Columbus and Washington. While most votes will come from urban and suburban areas on November 7th, rural Ohio counties could play political king-maker, especially in close races.

States Seeks to Revoke Ohio Fresh Eggs Permits

16, 2006

A two-week revocation hearing brought by the state’s department of agriculture against one of Ohio’s largest egg producers is wound up Friday. ODA says Ohio Fresh Eggs did not disclose in its permit applications the name of a man labeled a habitual environmental violator.