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Obesity Rate Among Children Holds Steady

Jacob Vreeland
Jacob Vreeland, 16, with his mom, Karen, makes weekly visits to Nationwide Children's Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition. Jacob was considered obese 18 months ago, but he has lost weight and now leads a healthier lifestyle.
2, 2012

The number of severely overweight children has increased exponentially since the 1980s. For years it did not seem as if there was an end in sight to the unhealthy trend. But there is good news . A recent study finds the number of kids becoming too heavy has leveled off. And as WOSU reports, some experts think a reversal in the trend is not far off.

Columbus-Area Teens Use Black Tar Heroin

heroin ballons
Drug dealers sell tiny balls of black tar heroin for as little as $5 and $10 a piece. It is often sold in small balloons.
12, 2011

Many people move to the suburbs for bigger yards, better schools and less crime. But neighborhood developments are not immune to what is often thought as an inner-city problem: heroin. WOSU talks with one family whose teenage daughter is recovering from a heroin addiction.