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Ohio AG Urges Tamper-Resistant Generic Painkillers

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine wants tamper-resistant features incorporated into generic prescription painkillers
28, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he wants the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure that generic drugs, like their branded counterparts, have abuse-deterrent properties.

Marion Struggles With Increasing Heroin Problem

Addiction specialists say Marion's heroin problem began about four years ago when gang members from Chicago and Detroit started bringing the drug to the city.
30, 2013

Like many Midwestern cities, Marion has struggled in recent decades. The proud blue-collar town was once a regional industry leader, but times have changed and factories have closed. As industry moved out, drugs…specifically heroin…moved in.

Faith-Based Program Helps Women Make Transition from Prison

14, 2011

The Divine Mercy Ministry provides women recently released from prison housing, job skills and addiction recovery.

Researcher says making small bets could lead to addiction

2, 2007

The Buckeyes take on the Florida Gators for the NCAA Men’s basketball championship Monday night. But it’s not just the team players who could win big. Thousands of people filled out March Madness brackets and tonight they’ll know how their wagers fared. While some say this kind of social gambling is OK, other’s say it can lead to addiction.