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Left-leaning groups try to re-brand their image

21, 2007

The presidential candidate ad wars aren’t underway in Ohio just yet, but some activists say left-leaning groups are trying to erase the old word “liberal” with a re-branding of their image.

Activists form pro-immigration coalition

24, 2007

Activists who call themselves immigrant rights advocates have formed a coalition in Ohio to fight proposals, aimed at ridding the state of illegal immigrants. Thirty of the activists traveled to Columbus Wednesday to make their case to state legislators.

Groups on left and right pull on budget

13, 2007

As Governor Ted Strickland and Ohio legislators get down to work on hammering out a new two-year state budget, they are being pulled by activists on the political left and the political right.

Local Activists Lobby for Intervention

8, 2006

Central Ohio Somali activists are concerned about recent reports that Ethiopian troops have moved into the country. The reports are troops have been sent into provincial capital Baidoa and other border cities. Somalia has been racked by civil war for the last 16 years. Now local activists are lobbying US officials to intervene. WOSU’s Sabrina Hersi-Issa reports.