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Ohioans Abusing Free Cell Phone Program

Some Ohioans are abusing a free cell phone program for low-income households.
25, 2011

A newspaper investigation has found that tens of thousands of Ohioans are abusing a federal program that gives free cell phones to low-income households.

Law Aims To Protect Health Care Workers From Abuse

23, 2011

It’s not uncommon to hear nurses and other hospital workers tell horror stories about being verbally or even physically assaulted by a patient or one of their relatives. The violence often goes unreported and no legal action is taken. But WOSU reports two bills in the state legislature aim to give more protection to health care workers.

State, Local Leaders and Officials Draft Rx Drug Abuse Law

11, 2010

As the number of people getting addicted to prescription drugs increases, state legislators and local officials are working together to find a way to get it under control. In the final installment of a three part series, WOSU takes a look at some ideas drafted in a bill that could help put a stop to a problem that some say has reached epidemic proportions.

Local Recovering Drug Addict Hopes For New Life

10, 2010

Illicit prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Police say demand for the drugs is up; treatment centers are seeing more and more addicts. Some say Franklin County has become a hub for illegal prescription drug trade. In the second story of a three-part series, WOSU talks to a man who once faced death from prescription pills and now hopes for new life through recovery.

Franklin County “A Hub” For Illegal Rx Drugs

The prescription bottles, holding about 5,000 pills altogether, are evidence in a large drug arrest made in Franklin County last week. Deputies say the drugs were to be sold on county streets.
August 9, 2010

A Franklin County couple faces court hearings this week related to prescription drug charges. Prescription drug abuse is a major problem in Central Ohio. In the first part of a three part series, WOSU takes a look at the problem on the streets of Columbus and the challenges faced by law enforcement.

Ohio Governor Forms Painkiller Abuse Task Force

2, 2010

Saying the state faces a public health emergency, Ohio’s governor has created a task force to battle prescription painkiller abuse.

Franklin County Agency Launches Child Abuse Awareness Campaign

March 4, 2010

Franklin County Children’s Services says eight children have died since 2007 at the hands of a single parent’s partner.

Prescription Drug Abuse Increases Among Columbus Youth

16, 2009

A researcher at the Wright State University School of Medicine says a new report finds a significant increase in the abuse of prescription medications in central Ohio.

Lawmakers Push to Curb Teen Dating Violence

24, 2009

Ohio’s top law enforcement officer and state lawmakers are pushing legislation to crack down on teen dating violence.

Coalition wants to make students aware of different kinds of violence

1, 2008

A new survey finds that nearly three-quarters of OSU students know some one who has experienced an abusive relationship. The Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence and several central Ohio colleges are using the results to make students aware of the different kinds of relationship violence. The campaign is called It’s Abuse. WOSU spoke with women students at Ohio State to find out how prevalent relationship abuse is among their peers. This report includes offensive language.