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Artifact Excites Archaeologists, Raises More Questions

The gorget found February 13, 2015, in Newtown appears to be engraved with an image that appears to be half bird and half cat.
3, 2015

Contractors digging a trench for a fiber optic box near Cincinnati earlier this month found human remains. They also found an ornamental plate known as a gorget.

High Court Upholds Ohio’s Power To Regulate Oil And Gas

fracking well
The Ohio Supreme Court rules only the state can regulate the location of fracking wells.
17, 2015

A fiercely divided Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the power of state-level oil and gas drilling regulations to supersede local zoning laws, dealing a major blow to local communities with bans on “fracking” and other drilling activity.

Fugitive Treasure Hunter To Remain Behind Bars In Florida

Fugitive treasure hunter Tommy Thompson remains in jail after another hearing in a Florida court Wednesday.
February 4, 2015

A treasure hunter accused of cheating investors out of their share of his historic underwater find of gold is remaining behind bars.

Ohio Reports More Measles Cases Among States In 2014

Ohio reports more measles cases in 2014 than any other state.
February 4, 2015

Federal officials say Ohio had more than 300 reported measles cases last year – more than any other state.

Some OSU Police Officers Outfitted With Body Cameras

Some OSU police officers outfitted with body cameras.
January 29, 2015

Before the national cry that police officers be outfitted with body cameras reached its current fevered pitch, the police force at Ohio State began experimenting with the little devices last September.

Men: Selfies Add Up To Less Than Attractive Personality Traits

Jesse Fox
Jesse Fox is an Assistant Professor of Communications at The Ohio State University.
January 8, 2015

In the world of social media, 2014 may well have been the year of the “selfie”. But what do those self-portraits say about us? Quite a bit according to a professor at Ohio State who studied the personalities of men who posted lots of “selfies.” Jesse Fox looked at the posting practices of 800 men [...]

New Whitehall Library Reflects 21st Century Architectural Design

Artist's rendering of Whitehall's new library branch
5, 2015

The library is evolving. Once a repository for books, there’s been a shift in emphasis. Library officials say that customers’ needs are growing. And that calls for a new architectural concept.

Magnetic Pulses Help Depression Sufferers

TMS Picture
OSU patient Mark Jeffreys demonstrates a mock transcranial magnetic stimulation session. Jeffreys experienced relief from depression following TMS.
17, 2014

Treatment options for people who suffer from major depression recently have broadened. As WOSU reports, a new therapy that uses magnetic energy is giving some patients relief – and hope – after years of struggling with mental illness.

Commission Issues No Air Quality Alerts in 2014

Air pollution
9, 2014

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission issued no air quality alerts for Central Ohioin 2014.

Cincinnati Museum Tells Story Of Passenger Pigeon Extinction

"Martha," a passenger pigeon
December 6, 2014

An exhibit recounting the story of passenger pigeons’ extinction is opening in the city where the last one died a century ago.