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Experts Predict Lower Heating Costs This Winter

Many energy companies used the lessons of last winter, one of the coldest and snowiest in decades, to improve their delivery systems.
29, 2014

With a milder winter predicted, experts say heating costs should be lower for most Ohioans.

Federal Probe Set In Ohio Wal-Mart Police Shooting

John Crawford III was fatally shot by police inside a Beavercreek Walmart store last month. His family has called the shooting unjustified.
24, 2014

The U.S. Justice Department will investigate possible civil rights violations in the fatal police shooting of a man holding an air rifle at a Wal-Mart store in Ohio.

Apartment Fire Injures Ten, Destroys Apartment Building

The fire destroyed one building in the Commons at Victorian Village near Morse Road.
23, 2014

Columbus fire officials say at least ten people were transported to local hospitals after an apartment fire on the Northeast side Tuesday morning.

Doctors Push Flu Shots On Seniors

File photo
September 23, 2014

With cooler temperatures hitting Ohio and winter on the horizon, many medical experts say it’s time to protect ourselves against the flu. There’s a particular push to vaccinate those 65 and older.

Tow Truck Driver Hit, Killed In SE Columbus

The accident happened on State Route 104 near Lockbourne Rd. late Monday.
September 23, 2014

Police say a tow-truck driver hooking up a vehicle was struck and killed by a car that went out of control on State Route 104.

Shale Boom Brings Jobs, Noisy Neighbors

At his property line, Frank Brothers holds a sound meter reading 86 decibels. The noise runs 24/7.
18, 2014

For many of Ohio’s rural residents, the shale boom has been a godsend of money and jobs. But for some, it’s a constant, deafening headache.

Ohio Sending More Samples For Testing Of Uncommon Virus

Ohio Department of Health symbol
Ohio is sending more samples to be tested for enterovirus 68, an uncommon virus that causes cold-like symptoms.
September 17, 2014

Ohio is sending more samples to be tested for an uncommon virus that officials suspect is causing a severe respiratory illness for hundreds of children in a number of states.

More Ohioans Get Health Insurance

The number of Ohioans without health insurance dropped by 47,000 over the past year.
September 17, 2014

The federal government reports that the number of people without health insurance in Ohio fell by 47,000 during the past year.

Ohio Measles Outbreak Appears To Be Over With 377 Cases

Measles in the blood
September 9, 2014

Health officials say the Ohio outbreak that helped push the number of U.S. measles cases to a two-decade high appears to have ended.

Ohio Firefighter In Lightning Strike At Stadium Improving

division of fire
A Columbus firefighter struck by lightning over the summer continues to improve.
September 9, 2014

A central Ohio firefighter who went into cardiac arrest when lightning struck outside a soccer stadium in June is continuing to improve.