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Fed. Drug Policy Chief Headlines Opiate Conference

Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in Ohio, surpassing auto accidents.
March 31, 2015

Director of National Drug Control Policy Michael Botticelli was scheduled to be in Columbus Tuesday as the keynote speaker at an Ohio conference on opiates and other drugs. He was also scheduled to participate in a roundtable discussion with health care leaders on the impact of opioids on infants and expectant mothers.

DNA Technology Is Changing The Game In Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment, in recent years, has moved away from a “one size fits all” approach toward more personalized care. Doctors call it “precision cancer medicine.”
30, 2015

Cancer treatment, in recent years, has moved away from a “one size fits all” approach toward more personalized care. Doctors call it “precision cancer medicine.”

Researchers Use Common Viruses To Fight Cancer

Cancer research has shown promising results by infecting the cancerous tumor with a virus, like the common cold.
30, 2015

For years, cancer has been treated with chemicals, radiation and surgery. Now researchers are finding viruses may be a new approach.

Cancer Survival Rates Shockingly Low For Young Adults

A billboard recognizes Brittany Beitel's last day of Chemo. Beitel was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26.
30, 2015

Young adults traditionally aren’t the face of cancer. But people between the ages of 15 and 39 are diagnosed with cancer at a rate six times higher than children, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Leaders: Lake Erie Algae Bill Moves Ohio In Right Direction

A satellite image shows a massive algae bloom in Lake Erie's western basin. Scientists have linked algae to water withdrawals, pollution, and farm runoff.
25, 2015

Legislative leaders in Ohio are praising new rules for farmers aimed at cutting down the toxic algae in Lake Erie.

House Committee To Vote On “Heartbeat Bill”

Many Republicans and anti-abortion have said they worry the abortion measure would be ruled unconstitutional if passed.
24, 2015

An Ohio House committee has scheduled a possible vote for Tuesday on a proposal to effectively ban abortions after the first fetal heartbeat is detected. The measure has failed in each of the last two legislative sessions.

Excavation Project Could Offer Insight Into Early Days Of Cholera

Undergraduate students examine the skeleton of a young male excavated from the Badia Pozzeveri cemetery.
23, 2015

An Ohio State University professor is leading an archaeological project that could help doctors better understand how the deadly bacteria has evolved over the last 160 years.

New Laws Open Door For Adoptees To Access Birth Records

Adoptees lined up inside the Ohio Department of Health’s Vital Statistics bureau Friday morning
March 20, 2015

A new law now allows access to birth records to 400,000 adoptees from around the world who were born in Ohio between 1964 and 1996. Some of those adoptees traveled from 14 states to gather in Columbus Thursday night so they could be among the first to take advantage of the new law on Friday.

Buckeye Lake Town Hall Meeting Draws Nearly 500 People

Buckeye Lake Dam
Buckeye Lake Dam
March 18, 2015

The future of Buckeye Lake and it’s troubled dam were the subject of a town hall meeting that brought out nearly 500 people Monday night.

Lawmakers Scrap Plan To Allow Fracking In State Parks

File photo
March 18, 2015

Plans to allow fracking in state parks appear to be dead for now. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports that provision has been pulled from a bill making its way through the Ohio legislature.