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An Infrastructure Project As A Job Training Program?

Jessica Kimble outlines the apprenticeship for the operating engineers union.
18, 2014

The largest infrastructure project in Akron’s history is turning into a job-training program that local officials hope will help close the skills gap.

A Report Outlines Changes To Improve Ohio Charter Schools

File photo
16, 2014

A report released this morning on Ohio’s charter schools finds that many continue to struggle with performance, despite their growing number.

Parent Trigger ‘Pilot Project’ In Columbus Has No Takers

Trevitt Elementary
Trevitt Elementary school in the King Lincoln Neighborhood is one of 20 Columbus City Schools eligible for parent intervention.
16, 2014

Improving low performing public schools is a problem that has troubled educators and parents for decades. This year, Ohio is trying a new tactic, allowing for parents to take over a troubled school.

Former School Data Czar Receives Jail Time

Former Columbus City Schools data czar Stephen B. Tankovich (right) was sentenced to 15 days in jail for his part in the CCS data scandal.
December 11, 2014

Former Columbus City Schools data czar Stephen B. Tankovich has received jail time for his role in the data scrubbing scandal.

Affordable Housing Group Takes Up Books

book bank
Columbus non-profit Homeport is taking up books, this December, to distribute to its communities' 2,500 children and teens to read during winter and summer breaks.
2, 2014

Best known for helping people get affordable housing, the non-profit Homeport has taken up collecting books. For the second year, it is stocking up on books for children and teens to read during school breaks.

Dublin Middle Schooler Chosen For National Student Press Corps

Kyra O'Conor
Dublin Davis Middle School 8th grader, Kyra O'Connor, is one of 200 students chosen nationally to write for Scholastic News. She is the only Ohio student who received the honor.
2, 2014

Davis Middle School in Dublin lacks a student newspaper, but that didn’t stop one of its students from pursuing journalism. The 8th grader took a simple story and landed a reporting assignment for a national student magazine.

Family Reports Ohio State Football Player Misisng

Kosta Karageorge
OSU lineman Kosta Karageorge's family reported him missing after he did not show up for two football practices. Karageorge has not been seen since 2 a.m. Wednesday.
November 28, 2014

The sister of an Ohio State football player said his family has reported him missing.

Columbus Pediatrician:Viagra, Caffeine, Help Some Premature Babies

Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus
21, 2014

On a given day, Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus treats about 100 premature infants. But, they’re getting some adult medications to stay alive.

OSU President Drake Unaware Of Band Scandal Before His Hiring

Ohio State President Michael Drake
November 20, 2014

Ohio State University president Michael Drake says he knew nothing about the band scandal brewing when he took over his university position.

Task Force Recommends 37 Changes To OSU Marching Band

An independent task force has released recommendations for improvements to the Ohio State Marching Band.
18, 2014

A four-month review of the culture of Ohio State University’s marching band has resulted in 37 recommendations for improvement in band operations, training and university oversight.