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State School Board Considers Lifting Specialist Requirement

A board committee has been trying to find ways of revising the language, and this proposed change comes out of that process.
12, 2014

A proposal to change how many guidance counselors, nurses, and other specialists are required in Ohio elementary schools is drawing the ire of many of the state’s teachers.

Columbus Breweries Giving Canned Craft Beer A Try

Beer cans Four String
Four String Brewery cans its seasonal beer, the Vanilla Porter.
12, 2014

Cheap beer has long been associated with the aluminum can and upscale brews with bottles. But some craft brewers are trying to break that stereo-type. As WOSU reports, a number of Columbus’ small craft breweries have switched from glass bottles to cans.

Demolition of Poindexter Sends Community Shudders

Steps near North Champion Avenue and Metro lead to blocks of vacant land after demolition of Poindexter Village. The site of the nation's first public housing complex will be re-developed.
10, 2014

With the exception of two historic buildings, the nation’s first public housing development has been flattened. The demolition of Poindexter Village on Columbus’ near east side began in earnest in October of 2012. Now with buildings gone vast acreages are empty as the community awaits redevelopment.

OSU Dedicates New James Cancer Hospital

The James
The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
8, 2014

Ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held Friday to mark the dedication of Ohio State’s new James Cancer Hospital. The $750 million facility is now the third largest cancer hospital in the U.S.

Athens Outlaws Fracking, Three Other Bans Fail At Polls

File phot
November 5, 2014

There were four local anti-fracking measures on ballots in eastern Ohio, and the results were mixed.

Rife’s Market, A Grandview Tradition, Closes Its Doors For Good

Rife's Market Owner Mary Kay Rife (r) assists customer Betty Woods
31, 2014

A venerable institution in Grandview is closing forever. Rife’s Market, a corner grocery, was founded in 1936 and had been run by members of the same family ever since.

Opponents Say Columbus Charter Change Could Stifle Democracy

File photo
October 31, 2014

Columbus voters next week will decide whether to make changes to the city’s governing document. Nineteen city charter amendment proposals are bunched into three ballot issues. The most controversial issue would change the process of getting initiatives petitions on the ballot.

Ohioan Detained In North Korea Gets Job Back

Ohioan Jeffery Fowle got his job back with the city of Moraine after being held for months in North Korea.
30, 2014

An Ohio city has agreed to rehire an American arrested and detained in North Korea for nearly six months while criticizing his decision to travel there.

Report: More Than 1 in 6 Ohioans Seek Food Help

Ohio's largest resonse to hunger
Ohio Association of Food Banks says one in six Ohioans doesn't get enough to eat.
October 30, 2014

A new report on hunger finds that more than one in six Ohioans is struggling to get food on the table.

Republicans, Democrats Make Cases To Female Voters

File photo
29, 2014

Abortion is likely the first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they hear the words, women’s issues. But that’s only one issue women are concerned about in the upcoming election.