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New Police Task Force Meets On OSU Campus

File photo
16, 2015

Gov. John Kasich formed the 24-person committee of city council members, religious leaders and law enforcement officials after several police-involved shootings in Ohio and across the country raised concerns.

Newark Group Urges Change In Public Employment Job Applications

Bibow Denison
Billie Bibow of Newark tells a Denison University audience of her efforts to find work after being released from prison. The Newark Think Tank on Poverty advocates changes in state law to help non-violent, ex-felons
16, 2015

As Ohio considers early release for some inmates convicted of non-violent felonies, a pair of state lawmakers has introduced a bill to improve odds of them getting work. In Newark, a non-profit is actively backing the proposed legislation as a means to combat poverty and help ex-felons from returning to prison.

Hospital Move Could Spur More Franklinton Development

franklinton development assocition
The head of the Franklinton Development Association says Mt. Carmel's decision to move it main hospital out of the neighborhood should have a positive effect on Franklinton revitalization in the long run.
13, 2015

The head of a local development group says a decision by Mt. Carmel hospital officials to move their in-patient care facility out of Franklinton won’t hurt the neighborhood’s revitilization efforts.

Ohio AG Certifies Petition For Marijuana Legalization Issue

Ballot proposal language from ResponsibleOhio has been approved by the Ohio Attorney General. The proposal now goes to the Ohio Ballot Board.
13, 2015

A marijuana legalization effort in Ohio has cleared a key governmental hurdle.

Mount Carmel Health Systems Will Expand In Grove City

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13, 2015

Mount Carmel announced it will move its main hospital operations out of Franklinton to a new facility in Grove City.

Surge In Ohio Ginseng Harvesting

Filyaw with ginseng
Rural Action's Tanner Filyaw holds a decades-old ginseng root
10, 2015

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is studying ways to protect Ginseng, a plant highly prized in Asia for claimed medicinal qualities. Recent media attention has caused a surge in ginseng harvesting.

Ohio Legislature Weighs New ‘Run-off’ Regs For Farmers

The blue-green algae inundating Lake Erie and some other Ohio lakes is fueled by fertilizer runoff from farm fields and lawns.
9, 2015

The Ohio House is expected to vote on legislation this week to regulate fertilizer and manure run-off from fields. The run-off is partially blamed for a toxic algae bloom on Lake Erie that disrupted water supply for 400,000 Toledo residents last summer.

Ohio’s Largest Online Charter Spent $2M On Ads To Attract Students

Ads for the online charter schools portray it as a haven for young parents and students who've been bullied.
March 9, 2015

Ohio’s largest online charter school reported at least $2.27 million spent last school year on advertising to attract students.

Home Remodeling: What You Get Back In Columbus

Columbus homeowners, on average, will recoup about 60 percent of a bathroom remodel investment.
March 9, 2015

As styles and living circumstances change, homeowners have a key question: should we move or remodel? With the Columbus housing market still tight, many in Central Ohio may opt for remodeling. Then the question becomes: how much should we spend?

Ohio’s Public Universities Owe $6.5 Billion In Debt

7, 2015

Ohio’s 14 public universities owe $6.5 billion for debt mostly created by what some education experts call unnecessary campus building booms.