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Increased Ohio Shale Fracking Drives Demand For Rail Improvements

Black Run Terminal
Enlink Midstream of Texas spent $6-million to re-activate this rail spur and loading terminal in Frazeysburg. The company says it will eventually haul 24,000 barrels per day of oil and natural gas liquids away from Ohio's shale region.
14, 2014

The number of hydraulically fractured wells drilled in Ohio has now topped 800. About half of those wells are producing natural gas and oil. While debates over safety and severance taxes continues, production is reaching critical mass. And that has created need for more railroad capacity. The rail improvements have rippled into Frazeysburg and Columbus.

Ohio Geologists Link Seismic Activity To Fracking

Geologists have found evidence linking hydraulic fracturing with earthquake activity in the Youngstown area.
11, 2014

State geologists in Ohio have for the first time linked earthquake activity in the Marcellus Shale basin to hydraulic fracturing, confirming the suspicions of activists pushing for drilling limits in the interest of public health.

GE Adding 1,400 Jobs In Southwest Ohio

GE is widely known for household appliances, but also makes aviation equipment, like the famed J47 jet engine.
11, 2014

The parent company of Ohio-based GE Aviation is expanding operations in southwest Ohio with a new U.S. Global Operations Center.

Ohio Energy Group Opposes Lifting Ohio Targets

wind generator
WInd turbine generator
April 9, 2014

Ohio alternative energy producers are fighting a new Senate proposal to halt the phase-in of Ohio’s clean- and advanced-energy targets.

High-End, On-Demand Car Service Company Gets Sued

Last month, Uber began to offer UberX in Columbus, a less expensive option than its black car service. But city officials have sued UberX, citing unlicensed drivers and vehicles.
9, 2014

The city of Columbus has filed a lawsuit suit against an upscale car service that recently began to operate in the area. WOSU reports the city wants a judge to grant a temporary restraining order against a branch of Uber to keep it from operating in the city.

Ohio Labor Group Blasts College-Athlete Amendment

The Ohio Statehouse
8, 2014

A labor organization in Ohio is questioning a change made to a state budget bill that clarifies that college athletes are not employees under state law.

Sen. Brown Pushes Bill To Reform Student Loans

WOSU Archive
1, 2014

Student loan debt in the U.S. now surpasses $1 trillion. Ohio’s senior U.S. senator Sherrod Brown blames the private loan industry for intentionally making loan terms difficult to understand. He’s pushing legislation that would make loan terms more clear. The bill is called the Know Before You Owe Private Student Loan Act.

Ohio Senate OKs Deal Allowing Tesla To Sell Cars

Tesla Model S.
1, 2014

The Ohio Senate has passed a bill that would let electric car maker Tesla Motors operate three dealerships in the state.

Ohio Group Holds Out Hope For Thorium Energy

This schematic from 1969 represents the state of the art Thorium molten salt reactor design. Engineers at Oak Ridge Labs developed the technology then abandoned it in favor of the more familiar Uranium fueled light water reactors.
31, 2014

A group in Northeast Ohio is promoting an alternative form of atomic power that they say promises safer and cheaper nuclear reactors: Thorium. But critics say its time as a viable energy source has passed.

Ohio Furniture Maker To Add Jobs For Ikea Line

Furniture maker Sauder is based in Archbold, Ohio near Toledo
29, 2014

A northwestern Ohio furniture maker plans to hire more workers after signing a new deal with Swedish furniture retailer Ikea.