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Ohio Not Among Most Risky States To Insure

Storm damage in Columbus' Clintonville neighborhood.
17, 2014

If you’re afraid of natural disasters, there’s good news: Ohio ranks in the bottom 10 for states at risk for them. The bad news is, if you were planning to retire in Florida, you’d then be headed to the riskiest state of all.

King Arts Complex Streamlining Budget, Operations

Art piece at King Arts Complex
The King Arts Complex is trimming budgets and some programs to get back on firm financial ground.
September 16, 2014

Officials at the King Arts Complex are cutting back on staff positions and some programs as they streamline the budget for the complex.

Ohio Beer ABV Limit Could Be A Snag In Stone Brewing Deal

Stone Brewing Co.
Stone Brewing Co. is considering Columbus for its east coast operation. But a state law which limits alcohol content in beer could be a deciding factor.
15, 2014

It could be later this year before the city of Columbus knows if it will be home to the east coast location of one of the country’s largest craft brewing companies – and the hundreds of jobs that come with it. Stone Brewing Company’s decision, in part, depends on whether state lawmakers change a current limit on alcohol content in beer.

Columbus Officials Turn On Charm To Attract NCAA Final Four

City officials show off the city's best attractions for an NCAA Final Four committee.
September 10, 2014

Members of the NCAA site selection committee are checking out Columbus this week as the possible location for a Women’s Final Four sometime in the future.

Dublin Lures Amazon With Free Land

The city of Dublin has offered free land to an Amazon subsidiary to encourage it to set up shop in the area.
9, 2014

The City of Dublin proposes to give away land to a web-based data company.

Franklin County Child Poverty Rates Up

school lunch
Kids Count, an annual report released by Children's Defense Fund-Ohio, finds more than a quarter of Franklin County children live in poverty. Forty-five percent of area children receive free or reduced school lunches.
8, 2014

The economy may be improving, but the number of local children living in poverty continues to increase.

Anti-Fracking Billboards In Ohio Coming Down

Two billboards in Coshocton, Ohio oppose deep-injection wells. The billboard owners ended the lease on the signage.
8, 2014

An Ohio man who uses a biblical reference and a statement against “poisoned waters” on billboards near two wells for disposal of gas-drilling wastewater says the messages are coming down.

Civil Rights Exhibit at Ohio State Recognizes Columbus Activists

A group of women from the NAACP in the 1950's
A group of women from the NAACP in the 1950's
September 8, 2014

50 years after the Civil Rights Act passed, a new exhibit at Ohio State’s Thompson Library, highlights the role Ohioans played in the civil rights movement.

Ohio National Guard Postpones Training

The Ohio National Guard has postponed training exercises for lack of funds
September 8, 2014

Ohio adjutant Major General Deborah Ashenhurst has postponed training drills and travel for Ohio National Guard members. Ashenhurst announced the change after funding from Congress fell short.

Prison Inmate Food Vendor Weighs Recommendations

prison bars
Food service vendor Aramark says it will implement recent suggestions from a legislative oversight committee to solve problems feeding prison inmates.
5, 2014

The private vendor with the contract to feed Ohio prison inmates says it will work with the corrections agency to address several recommendations to fix problems.