How to grow a tidy nanoturf

Ohio State University graduate student Jen-Chieh Wu applies a drop of water to a sample of the water-repellent nanocoating.
July 16, 2007

Self-cleaning windows, no-fog glasses, and stain-free fabrics just came a step closer to reality. Researchers at Ohio State University have discovered a way to coat materials with a transparent layer of very well organized chemical structures that can attract or repel water or oil or conduct electricity.

Shocked tomatoes lose their skins

11, 2007

Researchers at Ohio State University found a new way to peel fruits and vegetables by placing them in an electric current. The discovery could make the food processing industry cleaner and more efficient.

Invention makes jet engines quieter

Igor Adamovich, left, andMohammad Samimy, with the simulated jet exhaust they use to test plasma actuator technology.
July 2, 2007

With nearly seven million passengers moving through Port Columbus International airport every year, the jarring sound of airplane noise may be painfully familiar. NASA expects U.S. air traffic to double or triple by 2025, a projection that has engineers working hard to silence the roar. Engineers at Ohio State University have applied for a patent on technology called plasma actuators that could reduce jet noise.

Summer Mouse, Winter Mouse

29, 2007

Professor examines effects of day length on rodents

Giant gun fires simulated space junk

Engineers at the University of Dayton Research Institute prepare to fire the world's only three stage light-gas gun.
June 27, 2007

Engineers in Dayton have developed a 45 foot long gun that uses compressed hydrogen and a pound of gunpowder to shoot aluminum pellets into a vacuum at 20 thousand miles per hour. It’s taken them nine years of gradual progress and patience to get this one-of-a-kind gun working.

Gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease passes first clinical trials

21, 2007

A new study shows that gene therapy could be a safe and effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease. It also paves the way toward gene therapies for other disorders. The results of the study appear in the current issue of the medical journal The Lancet.

New Research Center Targets Infectious Disease

20, 2007

The case of a traveler with XDR tuberculosis recently served as a reminder of the urgent need for better diagnosis, management and treatment for infectious disease.

Exhibit reveals science of cartoons

FCI Too Daycare made a field trip to the COSI Animation exhibit.
June 19, 2007

Cartoons have come to COSI for the summer, where a temporary exhibit reveals the scientific secrets behind America’s favorite animations.

Soy bean aphid arrives early to Ohio

18, 2007

The soybean aphid has arrived early to Ohio this year. This tiny insect threatens the yield of the state’s number one field crop– but it’s not time to worry yet.