Ebola Concerns Send ‘Worried Well’ To Hospitals

State health officials said an Ebola outbreak is highly unlikely in Ohio but doctors, hospitals and state emergency officials are prepared in case.
14, 2014

Ohio health officials say concern over the Ebola virus has begun to send some people they’re calling “the worried well” to hospitals with concerns about fevers and other flu symptoms.

Cleveland Serial Killer Of 11 Seeks New Trial

The Ohio Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday over whether a convicted Cleveland serial killer deserves a new trial.
October 7, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court is weighing arguments by attorneys for a Cleveland killer of 11 women that he deserves a new trial because a hearing about the suppression of evidence was closed to the public.

Prosecutors Want Death Penalty Drug Info Shielded

Ohio prosecutors want laws to conceal drug makers that manufacture lethal drugs for executions.
2, 2014

Ohio prosecutors are pushing for laws that would shield the identity of pharmacies making a specialized dose of a lethal drug.

Ohio’s Lethal Injection Expert Ends Role

Ohio and other states have lost an 'expert witness' in lethal injection death penalty cases.
20, 2014

A leading expert witness for states defending their lethal injection methods has ended his role, creating another potential hurdle for Ohio and other states scrambling to find workable execution systems.

Solar Panel Array To Help Heat, Power Ohio Prison

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction holds tours Wednesday at the prison, 50 miles south of Columbus.
16, 2014

Ohio has unveiled a large solar project at a prison aimed at saving $245,000 in annual energy costs while training inmates to install and maintain the panels as a route to future jobs.

Maggots In Food Among New Prison Food Complaints

jail cell
Complaints of maggots, food and staffing shortages plague Ohio's prison vendor.
July 15, 2014

Maggots in food, staffing shortages and multiple reports of running out of food are among new complaints facing the vendor that won the contract to serve food to Ohio inmates.

Ohio State Presidential Search Tops $600,000

A presidential search committee at The Ohio State University spent more than 600-thousand dollars to find a new president.
May 20, 2014

Newly released documents show Ohio State University spent more than $600,000 on the search for its new president.

Report Includes Restrictions On Ohio Death Penalty

Scales of Justice
The panel that spent more than two years studying changes to Ohio's death penalty law proposes that capital charges require biological or DNA evidence or a videotaped confession.
10, 2014

Prosecutors would need much stronger evidence against a murder defendant before bringing death penalty charges under recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee.

Prosecutor: Report Would End Ohio Death Penalty

Ron O'Brien
Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee would end the death penalty in Ohio if put in place.
April 10, 2014

A veteran prosecutor is criticizing recommendations proposed by a statewide capital punishment review committee, saying many of them would end the death penalty in Ohio if put in place.