Task Force Finds Lax University Oversight Of Marching Band

A task force review reinforces OSU's investigation of a sexualized culture within the marching band.
18, 2014

A review by former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery found additional examples of of inappropriate behavior and poor university oversight of the band.

City Launches Snow Plow Information Website

Warrior Watch, a new city website, will show which Columbus streets have been plowed or treated during a winter weather event.
13, 2014

Columbus snow plow crews are on city streets to “dry run” routes to prep for winter. If this were the real deal, their work could be seen on a new city website which shows exactly which streets are plowed. “Warrior Watch” launched Thursday.

Columbus Zoo Sends $10,000 To West African Sanctuary

File photo
13, 2014

The Columbus Zoo has sent emergency funds to help a struggling chimpanzee sanctuary in the Ebola ravaged country of Sierre Leone.

Columbus Breweries Giving Canned Craft Beer A Try

Beer cans Four String
Four String Brewery cans its seasonal beer, the Vanilla Porter.
12, 2014

Cheap beer has long been associated with the aluminum can and upscale brews with bottles. But some craft brewers are trying to break that stereo-type. As WOSU reports, a number of Columbus’ small craft breweries have switched from glass bottles to cans.

Columbus Nurse: HIV Prevention Drug ‘Comparable To Vaccines’

Truvada is prescribed at an AIDS Resource Center Ohio health clinic in the Short North.
3, 2014

HIV used to be a death sentence. But, today, it’s a manageable, chronic disease. A Columbus nurse says there’s an HIV preventive pill that’s almost as effective as a vaccine.

Ohio State Cuts Infertility Treatment Benefits

Coverage for in vitro fertilization is being expanded, and offered more often, in health plans.
3, 2014

Infertility treatments, like in vitro fertilization, have long been considered elective procedures largely not covered by health insurance. But that’s changing as more employers and insurers offer coverage. Ohio State University, though, will reduce its package in 2015.

Retailers To Use Social Media For Seasonal Hiring

This holiday season, some retailers will use social media to attract temporary workers.
27, 2014

People looking to get seasonal work often turn to the internet or the old-fashioned “want ads” for job postings. But this year, some retailers are taking a more proactive approach: social media ads.

Central Ohio Hospitals Would Share Care In Event Of Ebola Outbreak

Columbus hospital executives say treatment would be spread out among the three major health systems in the event of an Ebola outbreak in the area.
22, 2014

Central Ohio hospital executives announced, Wednesday, their action plan in the event of an Ebola outbreak in the area.

City-County Agency Fails To Make Nationwide Arena Loan Payments

A city-council agency is unable to make payments on the loan used to purchase Nationwide Arena.
15, 2014

The complicated plan to use tax money to buy Nationwide Arena has hit a snag. There is not enough money to make loan payments.