Researchers Use Common Viruses To Fight Cancer

Cancer research has shown promising results by infecting the cancerous tumor with a virus, like the common cold.
30, 2015

For years, cancer has been treated with chemicals, radiation and surgery. Now researchers are finding viruses may be a new approach.

Cancer Survival Rates Shockingly Low For Young Adults

A billboard recognizes Brittany Beitel's last day of Chemo. Beitel was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26.
30, 2015

Young adults traditionally aren’t the face of cancer. But people between the ages of 15 and 39 are diagnosed with cancer at a rate six times higher than children, according to the National Cancer Institute.

County EMA: Expect To Change Readiness Plan Due To High-Risk Dam

Home construction on Buckeye Lake dam have contributed to its weakened state.
March 16, 2015

Dozens of state and local natural resources and emergency management agencies met Monday to discuss procedures if the high-risk dam at Buckeye Lake breaks.

Decades Of Development To Blame For Dam Compromise

Buckeye Lake Dam
Buckeye Lake Dam
March 12, 2015

Ohio officials are determining how they’ll fix what federal officials call a structurally unsound dam at Buckeye Lake. Development on the earthen dam is partly to blame, and it seems there was little oversight on construction for decades.

Report: Buckeye Lake Dam Presents ‘Significant Risk To Public’

Buckeye Lake Dam
Buckeye Lake Dam
March 11, 2015

The findings of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers study on Buckeye Lake dam are serious.

Red Light Cameras To Be Turned Off March 23

keith faber
Red light cameras in Columbus will be turned off March 23.
11, 2015

In two weeks, red light cameras in Columbus will be turned off.

Franklin Co. Judge Reprimanded

Amy Salerno
The Ohio Supreme Court concluded Franklin Co. Judge Amy Salerno violated Code of Conduct rules.
March 11, 2015

The Ohio Supreme Court publicly reprimanded a Franklin County judge, Wednesday, after she lost her cool two years ago when a jury returned a verdict she didn’t like.

Home Remodeling: What You Get Back In Columbus

Columbus homeowners, on average, will recoup about 60 percent of a bathroom remodel investment.
March 9, 2015

As styles and living circumstances change, homeowners have a key question: should we move or remodel? With the Columbus housing market still tight, many in Central Ohio may opt for remodeling. Then the question becomes: how much should we spend?

Workers, Businesses Ponder What An Increase In Overtime Would Mean

time clock
The federal government will consider how far to increase the salary overtime threshold. The move means millions of salaried "exempt" workers will become eligible to receive overtime compensation.
27, 2015

The Obama administration is expected soon to decide whether to increase the number of salaried workers eligible for overtime pay. The move could mean more money in workers’ pockets. But some policy experts say the change will have negative effects on businesses.