Ohio Decides 2014, Live Election Blog

Live 2014 election blog
4, 2014

Stay with this page as we update all the races throughout the night. I’ll be doing my best to keep everything up to date. As always you can follow our coverage on twitter @wosunews.

Veteran Runner Gets Ready For Another Columbus Marathon

File photo
October 17, 2014

About 18,000 athletes will flood the streets of Columbus this weekend for the Columbus Marathon and Half-Marathon. WOSU’s Thomas Bradley is an avid runner and wanted to talk to a veteran of the race to see how it’s changed, so we dared him to go for a run with Eric Wygle, who’s competing in his 14th Columbus Marathon this weekend.

2014 Butter Sculpture Pays Homage To Ohio

Finished Display
The 2014 butter display at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus portrays 15 intricate state symbols that showcase the character and spirit of Ohio.
July 22, 2014

Equipped with 2,000 pounds of butter, sculptors spent more than 500 hours sculpting the cow and calf, and 15 other symbols that represent Ohio.

13 Endangered Buildings In Columbus Ohio

Proposed design for the new Vets Memorial.
April 2, 2014

Port Columbus Airport Control Tower — Located at 4920 East Fifth Avenue, built in 1920. Clinton Avenue School Annex — Located at 10 Clinton Heights Avenue, built in 1895. Elam Drake Farm — Located at 2738 Ole Country Lane, built in the 1850s. Gunning House — Located at 7495 East Broad Street, built in 1940. [...]

Columbus Curling Club Gets Boost From Olympics

A member of the Columbus Curling Club slides a stone across the ice.
18, 2014

The sport that usually toils in obscurity garners a lot of interest once every four years during the winter Olympics. That’s happening once again in Columbus.

Median Income For Columbus Households By Neighborhood

income map
Median income map for the Columbus area.
19, 2013

Every neighborhood has its stereotypes, and a lot of them are based on income. Everyone wants to know what their neighbors are making. Well, using census data, WNYC has mapped out median income by area for the entire United States.

A Hefty Levy Proposal

28, 2013

Columbus school leaders want your help. How do they want it? In the form of a 9.01 mill levy. A look at the numbers to see exactly what this levy request means.

Blue Jackets Preparing To Skate Into Season Of High Expectations

The Blue Jackets prepare for their season opener tonight at 7 p.m. against the Calgary Flames.
October 4, 2013

The Columbus Blue Jackets are about to begin their 14th season, and after a spectacular finish last year, the buzz around professional hockey in Columbus is real.

Affordable Care Act Calculator: Crunch The Numbers For You

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment begins on Oct. 1, figure out what this means for you.
September 26, 2013

Use this interactive calculator to figure out premiums on the Affordable Care Act for you and your family.