A Balloon, A Camera And Its Four-Month Journey To West Virginia

red balloon
A balloon and a camera make their way to West Virginia.
April 18, 2014

A balloon and a camera make their way to West Virginia.

Columbus Street Performer Program To Begin In April

Singer Ruvane Kurland performs in his Reynoldsburg studio.
31, 2014

Beginning this spring, the Greater Columbus Arts Council kicks off its Street Performer program in Columbus. Venues around the city will showcase the talents of singers, mimes, jugglers and performers of all sorts through the end of the year and beyond if the program takes hold.

More Street Entertainers Proposed For Columbus Streets

The Greater Columbus Arts Council will pay buskers to perform in certain venues.
March 18, 2014

There may soon be more performers on the streets of Columbus. Beginning in April, the Greater Columbus Arts Council and its partners will pay buskers to entertain visitors in certain venues.

Columbia Gas Predicts Higher Heating Bills

columbia gas
Columbia Gas predicts a 30% increase in winter heating bills.
March 5, 2014

Officials at Columbia Gas predict higher heating bills this winter.

Iraqi Refugee Tells of Journey To Columbus From Bagdad

The Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Dublin, Ohio.
February 24, 2014

It’s unknown just how many Iraqi refugees have settled in Columbus. Estimates range in the thousands. Most of them fled their homeland after American troups invaded Bagdad in the spring of 2003.

Democrats Will Have A Primary In Ohio Governor’s Race

Signatures collected by little-known Democrats Larry Ealy and Ken Gray were certified by the Ohio Secretary of State's Office allowing the pair to face Democrat Ed FitzGerald and his running mate in the May primary.
18, 2014

Ohio will have a Democratic primary in the governor’s race.

Cold Winter Hits Ohio Fruit and Vegetable Farmers Hard

Cold temperatures have caused many Ohio farmers to lose their blackberry crops.
10, 2014

The bitterly cold winter is making things tougher for Ohio growers and that could translate to higher food prices later in the year.

Former Prisons Head Opposes Death Penalty

terry collins
Terry Collins has spoken out several times against the death penalty citing its traumatic effect on staff members.
January 22, 2014

A former state prisons chief spoke out against the death penalty today. Retired director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections Terry Collins says the state of Ohio needs to get out of the execution business.

New Short North Thrift Store Offers Unique Services

A full service Pharmacy is located in the new Out of the Closet store at 1230 North High Street.
6, 2014

Clothing stores, even thrift shops are nothing new to the Short North. but a new store on High Street is attracting attention with its name and its mission.
Out of the Closet, uses sales to help people with HIV and AIDS.