Columbus Joins Nation For Inaugural Watch.

20, 2009

Columbus today , with the rest of the nation, will mark the inauguration of Barack Obama with luncheons, viewing parties, and evening balls. Festivities get underway late this morning as four movie theatres in town, several campus locations and the King Arts Complex on Mount Vernon Avenue will all host visitors who want to watch the swearing-in at noon.

Ohio’s Congressional Delegation Votes 10 to 7 Against Bailout.

30, 2008

The proposed $700,000,000,000 economic package rejected by congress on Monday quickly took center stage on the campaign trail. The only Ohio Republicans who voted for the legislation were House Minority Leader John Boehner of West Chester and three incumbents who aren’t seeking re-election.

McCain Campaigns for Second Day in Ohio

27, 2008

John McCain addresses energy policy and courts voters in town hall meetings.

Marc Dann Resigns

Marc Dann
May 14, 2008

Facing possible impeachment, Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann resigned this afternoon amid the scandal of a sexual harassment investigation in his office and his extramarital affair.

Report: Dann to Quit. AG’s Office Says Nothing Planned

May 13, 2008

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann is expected to announce his resignation later today, according to a published report. But Dann’s office say the Attorney General has not resigned and no further announcements are planned.

Dann Releases More than 2,000 E-mails

April 22, 2008

Ohio’s attorney general has released more than 22 hundred emails between himself and his former scheduler.

Ohio Leaders Want To Boost Graduation Rates Of African-American Males.

29, 2007

The public school graduation rate last year was 86%, that number has climbed steadily during the last eight years. But many of the 19,000 students who drop out every year are low-income African American males, whose graduation rates are far below those of young males of other races.

Ohio Economic Conditions Weigh On Voter Choices

9, 2006

Republican Ken Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland recently debated Ohio’s economic conditions and outlined their plan for helping Ohio companies and workers. The debate occurred against the backdrop of an unemployment rate that is a full point higher than the national average and the loss of 216,000 manufacturing jobs during the past six. Potential voters through-out Ohio will weigh the economy in their choices on election day.

Foes rally against strict abortion ban

13, 2006

Opponents say a bill that would outlaw abortion in Ohio under any circumstances is an attack on women,their families and their doctors.