Commentary: Is a Little Skinny on The Facts

September 1, 2011

The Kasich Administration and other Republicans are pushing local governments to consolidate and share services. It’s an effort to save money. But WOSU Commentator Gail Martineau says the consolidation “sales pitches” should include all the facts.

Backyard Chickens? No Thanks.

backyard chickens
25, 2011

At a recent Sunday dinner at a friend’s home in Bexley, our normal chatter about work and family was interrupted by the squawking and pecking of chickens.

Want to Reverse Ohio’s Brain Drain? – Give Us Jobs

10, 2011

Studies have shown that one-third of Ohio college graduates leave the state within 3 years of graduation. Leaders have tried many things to stop the so-called brain-drain. WOSU Commentator Gail Martineau says the way to keep young people in Ohio – is to give them a job.