Post Holiday Call to Action – Remember The Homeless

10, 2009

The bad economy is affecting all of us, but some of us more than others. The most vulnerable of our neighbors face the most difficult of choices. WOSU commentator Elizabeth Martinez says winter makes the situation even worse.

Violence Should Not Be The Norm for Children

24, 2008

The holiday movie season has arrived. The television networks are launching new seasons of their series. Videogame makers have updated popular games for the holidays. Too often, says WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez, the images from this entertainment are violent.

Hispanics- Long-Time A Part of American Culture

13, 2008

The US census Bureau reports Hispanics comprise 15 percent of the United States population. That could rise to 30 percent by the year 2050. WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez says its time Hispanics are looked upon less as immigrants and more as members of American culture.

Caring for Children is a Concern of Everyone

8, 2008

The US Census Bureau says nearly 30 percent of Columbus children live in poverty. WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez says that number should worry all of us, not just the families caring for those children.

How Are the Children? – A Question We Should Ask

30, 2008

This time of year, people with children often ask, or are asked the question : “What are the kids doing this summer?” WOSU commentator Elizabeth Martinez says we should ask another question.

Is Technology Too Ubiquitous?

26, 2008

A new study indicates that texting – the art of punching truncated words into a cell phone – can actually improve children’s literacy. A British professor says texting encourages kids to use their imaginations to come up with creative abbreviations. WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez, says new technology might encourage some creativity.. but it can stifle social interaction.

Frustration works best when kept refrigerated

21, 2008

Are you having a bad day? WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez has had a few and has some advice.

Mentors Can Transform Lives

3, 2008

Communities all around the country and here in Central Ohio have tried many things to cut violent crime, improve student performance and lower dropout rates WOSU commentator Elizabeth Martinez says solutions to these problems might come with mentoring.

All work and no play

28, 2008

In our hustle and bustle lives, WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez says we need time for play, even an afternoon siesta.