Commentary: End Of Horse Racing Offers Grove City Options

grove city
Grove City
May 16, 2012

In March Penn National Gaming announced plans to move Grove City’s Beulah Park horse racing to Youngstown. The move will reduce competition for Penn National’s West-side casino project. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock says the decision to move the horse track affects more than just the casino.

Commentary: Higher Education Is A Choice, Not A Right

OSU students rally on the oval.
14, 2012

Recently Ohio State University students and others held an occupy Wall Street type protest on the Oval. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock says the “Occupy the Oval” anger was a little misplaced.

Ohio’s 2011 National Spotlight Not Always Favorable

Senate Bill 5 Rally
The fight against Senate Bill 5 brought national attention to Ohio
28, 2011

For better or worse, 2011 proved quite eventful for the state of Ohio. As the year winds down to a close, WOSU commentator Stacia Kock takes a look back at some of the state’s more memorable headlines.

Patience (and Appreciation of Highway Construction) Is a Virtue

September 20, 2011

If you travel through downtown Columbus, get ready for ten years of driving frustration. Highway crews will be stepping up work on the first phase of the decade-long reconstruction of the I-71/70 Split. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock is prepared to be patient.

College Degrees Are More Than Job Prep.

univ hall
As part of his effort to reform government Governor Kasich urges state colleges and universities to offer three-year bachelor degrees.
17, 2011

As part of his effort to reform government Governor Kasich urges state colleges and universities to offer three-year bachelor degrees. The governor argues three-year programs will cost less, reduce student loan debt, and get students into the job market faster. But WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock says there’s a downside as well.

Budget Decisons – Difficult for All Ohioans

15, 2011

In about a month Governor John Kasich will lay out his plan to balance the state budget. It won’t be a pleasant task. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock says, difficult budget balancing decisions have been all too familiar for all of us.

The Price of Safety May Be Privacy

November 16, 2010

With each passing year, George Orwell’s vision comes closer to reality. Technology has made it easier and easier to track our movements on-line and off-line. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock says acceptance of “Big Brother” may come down to a simple choice.

Political Dumpster Diving Trivializes Poverty

5, 2010

Bringing attention to the poor can prompt generous donations and policy changes. But WOSU commentator Stacia Kock says the new tactic of dumpster-diving for the poor leaves a sour taste.

Bicyclists Must Share Safety Responsibility

7, 2010

Whether it’s for recreation, exercise or commuting, there are more and more bicycles on the road. On a daily basis bicyclists and drivers are having to share the road. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock reminds us that safety is a shared responsibility .