Ohio Stands To Benefit From Growing Aviation Industry

An employee at the Union County Airport works on a small airplane. Aircraft manufacturer Boeing says half a million pilots will be needed around the world in the next twenty years
July 7, 2014

Half a million pilots are expected to be needed around the world in the next twenty years, and that could be great news for “The Birthplace of Aviation.”

Libertarian National Convention Comes To Columbus This Weekend

Libertarian workshop
Libertarians expects 600 delegates and 30 speakers at the convention that runs through Sunday at the downtown Hyatt Regency.
27, 2014

Democrats and Republicans get most of the attention for their national conventions, but Libertarians are hoping to get a jump-start on both parties with their convention in downtown Columbus.

Ohio Supreme Court Asked To Weigh ‘Speculative’ Terrorist Threat

Ohio Supreme Court justices are being asked to decide whether 'speculative' thoughts constitute a terrorist threat.
26, 2014

Threats in the workplace, in schools, and in public places are taken very seriously, and those who make them face serious criminal penalties. But one man in prison is appealing to the Ohio Supreme Court, saying he was unfairly convicted of violating the state’s terrorist threat law.

Columbus, Other Ohio Cities Await Decision On Red Light Cameras

lady justice
A case before the Ohio Supreme Court could determine future use of red light cameras
12, 2014

A case that tests how cities can use automated cameras to catch and fine those who speed and run red lights went before the Ohio Supreme Court today.

Ohio Businesses Sue BWC For Insurance Overcharges

Thousands of Ohio businesses take the Bureau of Workers Compensation to court for charging too much for insurance.
10, 2014

Nearly a billion dollars is on the line in a lawsuit filed by 270,000 Ohio businesses against the state’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Proposed Concealed Carry Changes Denounced By FOP

The bill would lower the amount of training time required for a concealed weapons permit, and have Ohio recognize concealed carry permits from other states.
May 28, 2014

An Ohio Senate committee is scheduled to vote Wednesday on the bill to lower the amount of training time required for a concealed weapons permit. It would also have Ohio recognize concealed carry permits from other states.

Lawmaker Pushes Red Light Camera Bill…Again

Traffic cameras have brought in tens of millions of dollars for Ohio cities. Public safety officials say the main goal of the cameras is public safety; critics call them a revenue generator.
22, 2014

A Republican Ohio Senator has proposed what cities say amounts to a ban on red light cameras, which have generated tens of millions of dollars for local municipalities.

Unique Senior Project Gets Graduates Ready For Life

Willie Marks won "Best in Show" for his futon made out of trees he cut down.
20, 2014

These are the final days of the school year, and for most students, that means final exams and big papers. But one tiny rural school district goes beyond testing and written reports in helping students get ready for life after high school.

Singer Pushes Lawmakers To Make “Ohio” State Country Song

Zach Paxson is a singer and songwriter from northeast Ohio. And he’s on a campaign of his own, for his song “Ohio”.
May 15, 2014

A northeast Ohio man is hitting the campaign trail to promote a cause that’s very personal to him: enshrining into state law a song he wrote about his home state.