State Lawmaker Wants Year-Round School Year

The bill from outgoing Dem. State Sen. Eric Kearney would add 38 to the current school calendar.
4, 2014

We’re a long way from summer, but one lawmaker is already thinking about it. He’s pushing a bill that would have students skipping summer break altogether.

Final Poll Predicts Big Win For Kasich

The Dispatch poll suggests Kasich has pulled in some voters that some might not expect would be supportive of him. Twenty percent of Democrats said they were voting for Kasich.
November 3, 2014

The last poll before Election Day 2014 projects a win in the governor’s race for Republican incumbent John Kasich over Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald 62 percent to 38 percent.

Study Predicts Fewer people In Workforce, Lower Consumer Spending

File photo
October 27, 2014

A big budget hole may be ahead for the state, thanks to Ohio’s aging population.

Group Targets Gov Kasich For ‘Privatization’ Efforts

Ohio Voting Sticker
Two weeks before election day in Ohio a national group is critical of incumbent John Kasich for his efforts to privatize some parts of state government.
October 20, 2014

A national anti-privatization group has targeted Republican incumbent Gov. John Kasich over his signature policy decision, his public-private entity that replaced the state Department of Development.

State, Advocates Offer Different Reasons For Cash Assistance Drop

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October 14, 2014

The state’s cash welfare program has sent out half as many checks to Ohio families than it did three and a half years ago. The state and advocates for low-income Ohioans have very different explanations about why.

Think Tank Pushes Charter Report; State Says It’s Not Whole Story

Dale Butland says the KnowYourCharter website was set up to give parents data and information about charter schools. But John Charlton says the KnowYourCharter website only picks certain data from the state’s website.
13, 2014

A progressive think tank and the state’s largest teachers’ union have released data they say shows mixed grades last year for Ohio’s students who need to pass a key elementary school test. But the state says that data may not tell the whole story.

Governor Unsure Of Future Of Ohio’s Gay Marriage Ban

John Kasich
Governor John Kasich maintains his support for gay marriage ban.
9, 2014

Gov. John Kasich says he continues to support the state’s ban on same sex marriage, even as similar prohibitions are being struck down by the courts.

Ohio AG Candidates Debate Heroin, Rape and Fraud

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine and his Democratic opponent David Pepper agree on some issues, but mostly disagree.
September 9, 2014

Republican incumbent Mike DeWine and Democratic challenger David Pepper have similar answers to the question of what is the most important mission of the Attorney General, whose office oversees law enforcement and consumer protection.

Dueling Think Tanks See Different Realities In Labor Day Report

File photo
2, 2014

This Labor Day, there are a record low number of Ohioans in the labor force – fewer than there have been since October 1978. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler talked to two economic experts who see that number – and others – in very different ways.