“Value Added”: Grading Teachers Through Student Growth

The model predicts how much improvement students should make based on past results. If a student ends up performing better than predicted, the teacher gets the credit with a high “value-added’ grade. But if the student scores less than expected, the teacher gets the blame and a low grade.
17, 2013

The state of Ohio is phasing in a new teacher grading system that tries to measure the value a teacher adds to a student’s academic progress. But educators admit “Value Added” is an incomplete metric.

Columbus School And City Leaders Await Legislative Action

Some Columbus leaders are backing a House bill to allow the Columbus City Schools to share voter approved levy money with charter schools.
May 28, 2013

It’s been a rough school year for Columbus City Schools. The district is under investigation by the State Auditor’s office and the FBI for tampering with student attendance data and grades. And the struggling district has a history of less-than-stellar academic results.