GOP Chair Denies Involvement In Libertarian Challenge

Ohio GOP chair Matt Borges says neither he nor his party were involved in two recent protests regarding the signatures that put two Libertarians on the May primary ballot.
March 18, 2014

The leader of the Ohio Republican Party says neither he nor his party had any involvement with recent protests regarding the signatures that put two Libertarians on the May primary ballot.

State Lawmakers Pull “Religious Freedom” Bill

Ohio Reps. Bill Patmon (left) and Tim DIckerson recently held a press conference to announce the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. They now say they've pulled the bill from consideration.
February 27, 2014

The bill’s sponsors say their measure was intended to protect Ohioans’ ability to exercise their religious beliefs, but they’ve withdrawn it after comparisons to a hotly-debated bill in Arizona.

Abortion Battle Might Dominate 2014 Ohio Election

The battle over abortion could be at the center of the 2014 Ohio election.
January 23, 2014

The controversy over abortion continues as states adopt measures to restrict it, including Ohio, where several controversial abortion bills were passed and signed into law last year. Now it appears abortion might be on the front burner in this year’s election.

Gay Marriage Supporters Say Poll Shows They Could Win At Ballot

gay marriage
A group trying to overturn Ohio’s ban on gay marriage says a new poll shows most Ohioans would vote to pass their proposed amendment.
20, 2013

Freedom to Marry says their new poll shows Ohioans are increasingly supportive of gay marriage. But some conservatives are skeptical of the new numbers.

Political Parties Have Different Take-Aways From Election Results

The Ohio GOP, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the leader of the Portage County Tea Party all see hopeful messages in this week's election results.
November 8, 2013

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same could be true with this week’s election results.

Tea Party School Board Candidates Could Shape Future Funding

tea_party_ school_board
The Ohio School Board Leadership Council teaches school board candidates how to be more fiscally conservative and cut spending.
5, 2013

When Ohioans go to the polls today, they are likely to vote on school board candidates. And this year, there’s a common theme of fiscal responsibility among some Tea Party candidates in various areas of the state. The outcome of the races could change the future spending in some schools.

Lawmakers Weigh “Stand Your Ground” In Ohio

File photo
30, 2013

Supporters say it’s different from the controversial Florida law, but critics say it’s still unnecessary.

Voter Frustration Fuels Partisan Cycle

Advocates for redistricting reform say the state's latest congressional maps shows the system is broken.
October 9, 2013

Many activists and politicians say Ohio’s process for drawing congressional and legislative districts fuels the partisan fire. But they says it’s hard to get the public’s interest.

Doctors, Women’s Groups Lead Protest Against Abortion Laws

Doctors were among the hundreds of people who rallied outside the Statehouse Wednesday against new Ohio abortion laws.
3, 2013

Opponents of new laws restricting abortion in Ohio took their message back to the Ohio Statehouse Wednesday. But supporters of those new laws say they’re here to stay.