OSU Parents Travel At Their Own Expense To Championship Game

Parents of OSU football players are tasked with finding their own way to the National Championship Game.
5, 2015

As Ohio State prepares for next week’s football championship, some parents of players are appealing for help with travel expenses to Dallas. But re-imbursement is unlikely. NCAA rules say parents of players are responsible for travel to bowl games and no new provision was made for this year’s first football play-off.

Columbus Recruits Foreign-Owned Businesses To Boost Local Economy

Columbus skyline
Columbus 2020, an organization with ties to Chamber of Commerce actively recruits more foreign-owned businesses to Central Ohio
1, 2015

In the past year more than 50 percent of companies recruited to Columbus are foreign-owned. The figure reflects an effort on the part of Columbus 2020, a business development organization linked to the Chamber of Commerce.

Research: Mood Altering Holiday Stressors, Finance, Relationships

The holiday season brings joy, cheer, merriment and ... stress.
22, 2014

Holiday moods often run the gamut between joy and melancholy. And, an Ohio State University researcher says an individual’s great expectations have a bearing on whether someone smiles or frowns. College of Social Work Professor, Gilbert Greene, says the key is to identify whether stress is likely to help or hurt one’s mood.

Text For Food, Columbus Pantries Expand Mobile Scheduling

Pantry Frebis And Champion
Lutheran Social Services food pantry at South Champion and Frebis Avenues in Columbus allows hungry to choose groceries. The pantry is one of eight in the city that will next year expand mobile scheduling for food pick-ups
22, 2014

For the hungry in some Columbus neighborhoods, emergency food supplies will be only a text away. The city will spend $135,000 to help to create a mobile scheduling program for selected food pantries.

Gas Prices Tank, Drivers Smile

GAS Price
Sign of the times? Gas pump prices drop to lows not seen in more than 5 years.
18, 2014

National surveys show consumers’ mood is brightening, and it’s not just holiday cheer. The more positive outlook has a lot to do with the steep drop in gasoline prices since last summer. 2015 holds the promise of more price relief not only at the gas pump but also at grocery stores.

Parent Trigger ‘Pilot Project’ In Columbus Has No Takers

Trevitt Elementary
Trevitt Elementary school in the King Lincoln Neighborhood is one of 20 Columbus City Schools eligible for parent intervention.
16, 2014

Improving low performing public schools is a problem that has troubled educators and parents for decades. This year, Ohio is trying a new tactic, allowing for parents to take over a troubled school.

Columbus Council Leader Wants To Move To Mayor’s Office

Ginther campaign begins
Flanked by supporters at the William H. Adams Community Center, Columbus Council president Andrew Ginther announces he'll seek the Mayor's office in 2015.
10, 2014

When four term Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said he would not seek re-election next year it opened opportunity for others. Wednesday, The head of Columbus City Council, Andrew Ginther, says he wants to be mayor.

Abercrombie CEO Michael Jeffries Retires, Leaves Board Immediately

Jeffries and the company took heavy criticism for targeting "attractve" and "cool" kids, and comments like "A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”
December 9, 2014

Michael Jeffries, the long-time CEO of the preppy New Albany-based retailer, is retiring, effective immediately.

Two Young Columbus Men Sentenced To Life Terms For 2013 Crimes

lady justice
8, 2014

Two Columbus men who went on a crime spree last summer will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. The pair was sentenced Monday for their convictions on murder and carjacking charges.