Study Seeks To Quantify Effects Of Stress Among Women

An Ohio State laboratory
14, 2014

Ohio State university researchers today published findings that seek to quantify combined effects of stress and high fat meals among women. Professor Jan Kiecolt Glaser is lead author of the study. She says day-to-day stress takes a physical toll.

Central Ohio Veterans Wary Of Iraq Involvment

Secretary of State John Kerry talks about ISIS
24, 2014

As US Secretary of State John Kerry works to defuse a violent crisis in Iraq, a new poll shows a large majority of Americans are wary of possible re-involvement of the US military. A spot sample of Central Ohio veterans reflects similar sentiments.

Ohio Begins Training School Staff On Active Shooter Situations

File photo
19, 2014

Schools are already required to file emergency response plans with the Ohio Attorney General, and the additional training is designed to prevent violent deaths.

Three Columbus Men Shot At Rec Center On Near East Side

Beatty Recreation Center_map
Three men are shot at the Beatty Recreation Center on Columbus' near east side.
June 13, 2014

Columbus Police say three people were injured when a group of young men pulled out handguns and started shooting at each other outside a recreation center.

Columbus Mayor And Superintendent Announce Pre-K Expansion

Pre K foto
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (right) gets help from two 4 year olds as he prepares remarks at Gladden Community House for expansion of pre-kindergarten programs in city. Superintendent Dan Good is on the left.
9, 2014

Columbus city leaders say they’ll spend millions of dollars on a starter education program. The funds will be used to expand pre-school programs for 4-year olds. The pre-K expansion makes good on a recommendation made last year by Mayor Michael Coleman’s Education Commission.

New Carbon Emission Rules Add To Legacy Of Clean Air Act

Conesville Smokestacks
Proposed rules on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants will affect utilities in Ohio.
5, 2014

This week’s release of proposed rules to control carbon dioxide emissions has created quite a stir in Ohio which produces and uses a lot of coal. But clean air regulation is nothing new to Ohio . The new proposal is just the latest in decades of efforts to improve the environment.

Columbus Veteran Lobbies To Expedite Veterans Affairs Claims

Ex Navy corpsman Michael Fairman helped develop an online reporting method for veterans who suffered possible brain injuries. He's traveling the state with Democratic US Senator Sherrod Brown to build legislative support for adoption by the VA.
28, 2014

A Columbus veteran says he’s found a way to more accurately document brain injuries in combat service. The new way of tracking invisible injuries could speed claims for medical help and compensation at Veterans Affairs.

Central Ohio Planners Spend $1.4M On Climate Change Study

Findlay Floods
A flooded Findlay, Ohio neighborhood on August 22, 2007.
27, 2014

Central Ohio government planners are spending more than a million dollars to study the possible impact of climate change on the region’s water supply. The expenditure comes as researchers and local government officials pay closer attention to volatile weather.

‘Glass City’ Awaits Decision On Future Of Anchor Hocking Plant

Anchor Entrance
Entrance to Anchor Hocking plant in Lancaster. Workforce was furloughed last week
21, 2014

Mass furloughs announced at a Lancaster glass plant have raised fears a longtime employer will close. Both civic leaders and city residents say the Anchor Hocking plant abruptly shutdown with little notice to the workers or the community.