Columbus Welcomes Hockey’s Best Players And Fans

The outdoor ice rink outside Nationwide Arena.
January 23, 2015

Columbus is host to the National Hockey League All Star game this week-end. The NHL showcase will bring thousands fans and visitors to the city as well as international media attention.

Central Ohio Job Market Tightens, Puts Pressure On Wages

SK Floor
Production workers at SK Food Group make sandwiches and frozen food items for some national chains. The plant near Rickenbacker supplies SK's customers mostly east of the Mississippi River.
23, 2015

Ohio’s jobless rate declined again last month to 4.8%. The new number is the latest sign that central Ohio’s job market is turning in favor of workers. The tightening labor market helps job seekers but may put a brake on growth of some individual companies.

Federal Officials Outline Police Plan In Columbus

The Department of Justice says it will launch a program to mend strained relationships between law enforcement and communities
January 21, 2015

Federal Justice Department officials told a Columbus audience Wednesday they’ll launch a national effort to mend police relations with African American communities after police-involved shootings in Missouri and Ohio.

Former Columbus Superintendent Gene Harris Avoids Jail Time

Former Columbus Superintendent Gene Harris (right) was sentenced in Municipal Court on charge dereliction of duty, Wednesday.
January 14, 2015

Former Columbus City Schools Superintendent Gene Harris is forfeiting her teaching license and her superintendent’s certificate, but will avoid jail time for her role in the district’s data scrubbing scandal.

Former Columbus Schools Chief Faces Charge Linked To Data Scandal

Former Columbus superintendent Gene Harris is scheduled to appear in municipal court on a misdemeanor charge of 'dereliction of duty.'
January 12, 2015

The former top admininstrator of the Columbus City Schools, Gene Harris, faces possible jail time for alleged dereliction of duty. The charge is linked to a data-rigging scandal in Columbus that surfaced more than two years ago.

Mayor Coleman Vows More ‘Green’ For City

Coleman Anncs Green plan
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says he'll keep city focus on environmentally friendly policies during his last year in office.
9, 2015

During his last year in office, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman vows more focus on the environment. Coleman unveiled his “green” blueprint Friday at the Columbus Metropolitan Club. Coleman says past and future efforts are designed to make the city more environmentally friendly.

Ohio Resumes Fight Against Toxic Algae

The blue-green algae inundating Lake Erie and some other Ohio lakes is fueled by fertilizer runoff from farm fields and lawns.
6, 2015

Efforts to prevent future toxic algae blooms in Ohio waterways have stalled in the Ohio legislature. As the new year begins, new efforts are underway to reduce the threat to drinking water supplies.

OSU Parents Travel At Their Own Expense To Championship Game

Parents of OSU football players are tasked with finding their own way to the National Championship Game.
5, 2015

As Ohio State prepares for next week’s football championship, some parents of players are appealing for help with travel expenses to Dallas. But re-imbursement is unlikely. NCAA rules say parents of players are responsible for travel to bowl games and no new provision was made for this year’s first football play-off.

Columbus Recruits Foreign-Owned Businesses To Boost Local Economy

Columbus skyline
Columbus 2020, an organization with ties to Chamber of Commerce actively recruits more foreign-owned businesses to Central Ohio
1, 2015

In the past year more than 50 percent of companies recruited to Columbus are foreign-owned. The figure reflects an effort on the part of Columbus 2020, a business development organization linked to the Chamber of Commerce.