Reynoldsburg Wage Benefit Proposal Draws Wide Interest

A federal mediator has been called in to help settle a contract dispute between Reynoldsburg schools and its teacher union.
July 23, 2014

Reynoldsburg’s latest offer to its teachers is getting a lot of attention. The city’s school board would replace automatic teacher raises with merit pay and bonuses. And it would replace the district’s health insurance plan with individual cash payments. The plan has caught the attention of labor experts, school administrators and teachers unions.

Port Columbus TSA Agents Seize Weapons

CMH 7-20-2014
Loaded .22 caliber Taurus confiscated from passenger at Port Columbus on Sunday.
21, 2014

Federal agents confiscated a loaded handgun at a Port Columbus checkpoint on Sunday. Its the eleventh time this year a passenger was caught with a firearm inside a carry-on bag. Transportation Security Administration spokesman Mark Howell says agents are also confiscating a smaller less noticeable weapon.

Columbus Gets State Help To Expand Early Learning

Kasich Coleman
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (podium) and Governor John Kasich look on as 4 year old waves to crowd at Champion Learning Center. The democratic mayor and republican governor announced joint funding of early learning program
18, 2014

Columbus will soon get financial help from the state to expand its early learning program. The new funds will be used to get more of the city’s four year-olds into pre-Kindergarten programs.

Franklin County Voters Get Children Services Funding Request

Ohio Voting Sticker
Franklin County voters will decide renewal property tax levy for Children Services
July 15, 2014

Franklin County voters will decide a renewal tax levy in November for Children Services. County Commissioners Tuesday placed the 1-point 9 mill levy on the fall ballot.

Study Seeks To Quantify Effects Of Stress Among Women

An Ohio State laboratory
14, 2014

Ohio State university researchers today published findings that seek to quantify combined effects of stress and high fat meals among women. Professor Jan Kiecolt Glaser is lead author of the study. She says day-to-day stress takes a physical toll.

Central Ohio Veterans Wary Of Iraq Involvment

Secretary of State John Kerry talks about ISIS
24, 2014

As US Secretary of State John Kerry works to defuse a violent crisis in Iraq, a new poll shows a large majority of Americans are wary of possible re-involvement of the US military. A spot sample of Central Ohio veterans reflects similar sentiments.

Ohio Begins Training School Staff On Active Shooter Situations

File photo
19, 2014

Schools are already required to file emergency response plans with the Ohio Attorney General, and the additional training is designed to prevent violent deaths.

Three Columbus Men Shot At Rec Center On Near East Side

Beatty Recreation Center_map
Three men are shot at the Beatty Recreation Center on Columbus' near east side.
June 13, 2014

Columbus Police say three people were injured when a group of young men pulled out handguns and started shooting at each other outside a recreation center.

Columbus Mayor And Superintendent Announce Pre-K Expansion

Pre K foto
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (right) gets help from two 4 year olds as he prepares remarks at Gladden Community House for expansion of pre-kindergarten programs in city. Superintendent Dan Good is on the left.
9, 2014

Columbus city leaders say they’ll spend millions of dollars on a starter education program. The funds will be used to expand pre-school programs for 4-year olds. The pre-K expansion makes good on a recommendation made last year by Mayor Michael Coleman’s Education Commission.