Wilmington Prepares For Ohio’s Political Spotlight

Wilmington airport is recovering after the loss of 7,000 jobs in 2009. Governor Kasich will travel to the city for Tuesday's State of the State address
23, 2015

Wilmington is preparing for a political invasion. Governor John Kasich and most state lawmakers will travel to the southwest Ohio city tomorrow for the State of the State address. It’s a return visit for Kasich to a city that was deeply scarred by the Great Recession.

Columbus Adds ‘Sister City’ In West Africa

Accra, Ghana
Columbus adds a sister city, Accra, Ghana.
20, 2015

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says he wants to build closer trade and cultural ties to Africa. During his state of the city speech, Coleman announced Columbus will form a ‘Sister City partnership with Accra, Ghana.

Job Picture Flips, Some Columbus Employers See Too Few Applicants

Columbus Castings wants to add more workers at its South Parsons Avenue Foundry. But, applicants are hard to find
17, 2015

As Honda idles some workers for lack of automotive parts, other Central Ohio manufacturers are using aggressive recruiting to fill job slots. Columbus’ jobless rate has fallen to 4% just as job openings accelerate in a couple of industries.

Columbus Leaders Vow To Bid Again For Future Political Convention

Columbus leaders are not giving up on hosting a convention.
12, 2015

Columbus has lost its bid to host a national political convention. The Democratic National Committee decided Philadelphia was better suited as the site to nominate its presidential candidate. Disappointed civic and business leaders promise to use the experience to try again in four years.

Potholes, Snow, Keep Road Crews Busy

Columbus road crews have fixed 87-thousand potholes since the beginning of the year.
11, 2015

Columbus city road crews this week-end face quick job changes. Spokeswoman Melanie Crabill says some crews will have to switch back and forth between filling potholes and prepping for snow and ice.

Pickets Expand To Refineries That Supply Gasoline To Ohio

GAS Price
A strike against two refineries that supply Ohio gas stations could effect pump prices
9, 2015

A strike by United Steel Workers against several oil companies has expanded to refineries in Ohio and nearby states. Industry analysts are keeping close watch on possible effects on gas pump prices.

Manure Brokers Help Manage Waste At Ohio CAFO Farms

photo 2
Manure is stored near Cooper Farms in Fort Recovery until it can be sold to crop farmers.
9, 2015

Ohio’s concentrated animal farms, or CAFOs, house millions of chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows that produce meat, milk and eggs for the table.

Ad Campaign Encouraging Reports of Abuse, Draws Scrutiny

Curtis wb
Kiersten Curtis fields phone calls and texts at the Center For Family Safety and Healing on Livingston Avenue. .
6, 2015

A new Central Ohio program encourages people to report child abuse. The Center for Family Safety and Healing has launched an ad campaign to urge witnesses to call or text what they see. The organization wants to change behavior and reduce abuse, but there are questions about the proper role a private group should play in enforcing child protection laws.

Teachers At Columbus Charter School Seek Union Vote

Franklinton Prep Classroom
Franklinton Preparatory Academy founder Martin Griffith in a classroom at the Chicago Avenue school. A group of teachers at the school wants union representation.
28, 2015

A group of teachers at Franklinton Preparatory Academy have taken steps to force a union organizing vote. If successful, it would be the first union at a central Ohio Charter school.