Parent Trigger ‘Pilot Project’ In Columbus Has No Takers

Trevitt Elementary
Trevitt Elementary school in the King Lincoln Neighborhood is one of 20 Columbus City Schools eligible for parent intervention.
16, 2014

Improving low performing public schools is a problem that has troubled educators and parents for decades. This year, Ohio is trying a new tactic, allowing for parents to take over a troubled school.

Columbus Council Leader Wants To Move To Mayor’s Office

Ginther campaign begins
Flanked by supporters at the William H. Adams Community Center, Columbus Council president Andrew Ginther announces he'll seek the Mayor's office in 2015.
10, 2014

When four term Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said he would not seek re-election next year it opened opportunity for others. Wednesday, The head of Columbus City Council, Andrew Ginther, says he wants to be mayor.

Abercrombie CEO Michael Jeffries Retires, Leaves Board Immediately

Jeffries and the company took heavy criticism for targeting "attractve" and "cool" kids, and comments like "A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”
December 9, 2014

Michael Jeffries, the long-time CEO of the preppy New Albany-based retailer, is retiring, effective immediately.

Two Young Columbus Men Sentenced To Life Terms For 2013 Crimes

lady justice
8, 2014

Two Columbus men who went on a crime spree last summer will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. The pair was sentenced Monday for their convictions on murder and carjacking charges.

Dublin Middle Schooler Chosen For National Student Press Corps

Kyra O'Conor
Dublin Davis Middle School 8th grader, Kyra O'Connor, is one of 200 students chosen nationally to write for Scholastic News. She is the only Ohio student who received the honor.
2, 2014

Davis Middle School in Dublin lacks a student newspaper, but that didn’t stop one of its students from pursuing journalism. The 8th grader took a simple story and landed a reporting assignment for a national student magazine.

Grove City Soldier Remembered As ‘Upbeat,’ ‘Tender-Hearted’

Army specialist Joseph Riley of Grove City is remembered by his church community on Eakin Road. Riley was killed this week in Afghanistan
25, 2014

A soldier from Grove City today is being remembered as a man with a ‘tender heart’ who loved the army. 27 year old Army specialist, Joseph Riley, was killed in Afghanistan.

More People Riding The Bus In Columbus

COTA says ridership in September and October was the highest since 2004.
25, 2014

The Central Ohio Transit Authority says its ridership is the highest in ten years.

Columbus Pediatrician:Viagra, Caffeine, Help Some Premature Babies

Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus
21, 2014

On a given day, Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus treats about 100 premature infants. But, they’re getting some adult medications to stay alive.

Columbus Has Large Stake In Potential Immigration Policy Changes

The head of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition says Columbus has a large stake in potential changes to immigration law.
20, 2014

The head of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition says Columbus has a large stake in potential changes to immigration law. Joseph Mas says the city has a larger undocumented population than other Ohio cities.