Election Issue: “It’s The Economy, Stupid.”

11, 2008

The economic stats don’t lie. The opinion surveys don’t lie. The economy is the number one concern from voters here in Ohio and in most other states. WOSU Commentator Jerolyn Barbee hopes the current and future president are listening.

Black History Month – Worth Noting

4, 2008

February is Black History Month. Organizations throughout the region will spend the month honoring African American Heritage. WOSU Commentator Jerolyn Barbee explains this commeration is still important

Ohio’s Primary Does Matter

8, 2008

Voters in the New Hampshire Primary get all the power and attention. Ohio primary voters don’t go to the polls until March. That kind of bothers WOSU Commentator Jerolyn Barbee.

In These Hard Times Give the Gift of Charity

4, 2007

Nearing the peak of the holiday season, there are conflicting stories in the news. Home foreclosures are up, food pantry lines are longer while at the same time, retailers report a banner start to the holiday shopping season.WOSU commentator Jerolyn Barbee urges people to take note of the contradiction.

Every Vote in Every Election Counts

6, 2007

Election officials estimate as few as 25% of registered voters will cast ballots today. WOSU commentator Jerolyn Barbee directs the Ohio chapter of the League of Women Vters. She says every vote and every election is important.

Home Foreclosures – Time for Lawmakers to Act

2, 2007

The sub-prime lending crisis has led to countless stories of home foreclosures… to most of us, the stories are just bits of time on the radio or television, or sections print in a newspaper. To most us the foreclosures are someone else’s problem. But WOSU commentator Jerolyn Barbee says the stories of other people’s problems affect everyone.

Michael Vick – Broken Promise

28, 2007

The firestorm swirling around NFL quarterback Michael Vick, the newest poster boy for bad superstar behavior, raises bigger issues than just horrific animal cruelty.

Novel Immigration Plan: Boomer Trade

26, 2007

In Washington, lawmakers continue to debate a compromise immigration bill. The Central Ohio economy relies more and more on immigrant labor. A glance in a restaurant kitchen or onto a roof being replaced confirms this. WOSU Commentator Jerolyn Barbee says the real winners in the immigration debate may not be who you think they are.

Charter Schools need more oversight

22, 2007

Over the past 10 years, there has been an explosion of choices available through Ohio’s public education system. With the rapid growth of charter schools and school voucher programs, parents at all economic levels have many choices. But what effect do these choices have on schools systems struggling to meet basic academic and facility standards?