CDC, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Make Case To Fight “Superbugs”

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Drug-resistant superbugs of concern to CDC, some members of Congress
September 5, 2014

Health officials say antibiotic-resistant bacteria continue to rise and pose threats that can lead to fatal infections.

College Degrees Bring More Debt, Higher Wages

The study says households with at least one college degree have more debt, but make about $17,000 more a year than households with only high school diplomas.
July 18, 2014

Chances are that if you’ve nailed a college degree to your wall recently, you’re also nailed with debt. But some new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland says degree earners are still better off in the long-term than those without a diploma.

Church Sues North Carolina Over Gay Marriage Ban

Rev. Bernard Wilson spoke at a Monday news conference where he said North Carolina's laws against gay marriage "criminalize a minister who performs a religious ceremony, even if the ceremony is not intended to be a legal marriage under state law."
April 29, 2014

A mainline Protestant denomination headquarters in Northeast Ohio has sued the state of North Carolina over its ban on same-sex marriages.

Businesses Keep Close Eye On Springfield Drone Case

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April 18, 2014

As businesses consider new ways to commercialize drones, individuals also are toying with them more, especially as they become cheaper. That’s raising safety and regulatory concerns.

Suspect In Shooting At Kent State In Custody

Police at Kent State University say a suspect is in custody after gunfire was reported on campus Wednesday night
3, 2014

Kent State University says a person suspected of firing a gun on campus has been apprehended, and there’s no longer a threat to anyone at the school.

Former GOP Congressman Mocks Tea Party In New Ads

The ad mocks failed Senate candidate including Todd Akin and Christine O'Donnell.
8, 2013

Steven LaTourette has left Congress and now runs an organization that backs moderate conservatives.

Sci-Fi Icon ‘Beams’ Down In Ohio

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William Shatner addresses Ohio convention audience earlier this week.
12, 2013

A sci-fi icon beamed down to Cleveland to share his enterprising insights at a major marketing convention.

Ohio Manufacturers Optimistic About Future

This week, the Small Business Administration announced that it’s made nearly 130 loans to northern Ohio manufacturers in this most current fiscal year, which looks to be on par with 2012.
21, 2013

New figures from the Small Business Administration and a survey by an accounting firm show manufacturers feeling good about their future.

Ohio Power Plants Respond To New Regulations

The Painesville, Ohio, power plant recently turned 125 years old. It still burns coal to produce electricity, though operators expect to complement Painesville power production with wind and hydropower in the near future.
9, 2013

President Obama recently announced that he’s directing the E-P-A to crack down on air pollution from coal-powered utility plants. Many in the coal industry complained, but utility companies were generally more-muted in their reaction.