AEP Ruling Could Color Future Utility Proposals In Ohio

An American Electric Power plant in Conesville, Ohio.
March 2, 2015

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio last week rejected a request from American Electric Power to have customers subsidize two coal plants. So what will it mean for future utility proposals in Ohio?

Proposed Oil And Gas Tax Hike Gets Support From Unlikely Source

fracking well
Ohio lawmakers will decide whether to raise severance tax on drillers in the state's shale region
4, 2015

House leaders are looking over Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal, which includes a proposed tax increase on oil and gas drilling. And the governor is getting some support from an unlikely source.

Progress And Challenges In Ohio’s Human Trafficking Problem

Ohio's Human Trafficking Task Force was formed by Gov. John Kasich "to marshal the resources of the State of Ohio to coordinate efforts to identify and rescue victims, create a coordinated law enforcement system to investigate and prosecute human trafficking crimes, and to provide the services and treatment necessary for victims to regain control of their lives. "
January 16, 2015

Experts in the courtroom and on the streets gathered at the Statehouse Thursday to discuss Ohio’s progress in ending human trafficking.

Kasich Begins Second Term with Midnight Inauguration

Reenactor Chris Matheney fired his vintage musket as part of Gov. John Kasich's inaugural festivities.
12, 2015

When the clock struck midnight — John Kasich’s first term as governor expired and his second term began.

Lawmakers Take Aim At Ohio’s High Infant Mortality Rate

File Photo at University Hospitals.
20, 2014

Ohio ranks near the bottom among states with poor infant mortality rates. As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports — lawmakers are working with each other — across the aisle — to try and stem the crisis.

Merit Pay For Ohio Teachers Moving Closer To Reality

File photo
18, 2014

The state is one step closer towards repealing the law that mandates a minimum salary schedule for teachers — opening the door to a merit-based pay system.

State School Board Considers Lifting Specialist Requirement

A board committee has been trying to find ways of revising the language, and this proposed change comes out of that process.
12, 2014

A proposal to change how many guidance counselors, nurses, and other specialists are required in Ohio elementary schools is drawing the ire of many of the state’s teachers.

House Holds Evening Hearing To Hear From Teachers On Common Core

Common Core 7th Hearing (1)
Several teacher attended the Tuesday evening hearing on a bill to repeal Common Core education standards in Ohio.
15, 2014

An Ohio House committee took an odd step Tuesday in hosting an evening hearing to allow teachers to testify about a bill to repeal the new education standards known as Common Core.

Will Ohio Delaying Renewable Mandates Push Away Tech Companies?

Rep. Ohio Senator Bill Seitz is among those defending the stance of the American Legislative Exchange Council and denouncing the comment of Google's Eric Schmidt.
10, 2014

Google and Facebook are among the tech giants cutting ties with a well-known legislative organization over its stance on climate change.