OSU Band Taskforce Surveying Current, Former Members

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Ohio State University Marching Band(Photo: flickr: alonglens)
Ohio State University Marching Band(Photo: flickr: alonglens)

Current Ohio State University band members and band alumni who graduated between 2009 and 2014 are being asked what they think about the band’s culture.

An 81-question survey was emailed, Wednesday night, as part of former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery’s independent probe into the band’s culture.

The survey is anonymous and asks questions surrounding band climate, sexual harassment and band leadership.

Members are asked if they received sexual harassment training and whether band leaders prevent sexually inappropriate behavior. The survey also asks members how much band alumni influence band culture.

OSU fired marching band director Jon Waters in July following a 60-day university investigation which found he failed to prevent a “sexualized” culture in the band.

Some band members and alumni criticize the investigation for only interviewing a small number of people.

  • Associate Life Member

    It seems that Jon Waters was denied his right to a public hearing. The denial of the hearing by the Ohio State University administration implies that the administrators have more to hide than Mr Waters, especially with all the controversy that has arisen from the investigation.

    • Blake Geris

      No one is entitled to a public hearing.

  • Larry Scotz

    From the details of what was going on with the band, there were probably a dozen other adults associated with the program that should have been fired/disciplined. A number of the senior/junior band members should have been disciplined, too.