Democratic Candidate For Ohio AG Repeatedly Ticketed

Pepper has paid near $10,000 in parking fines(Photo: David Pepper for Attorney General campaign website)
Pepper has paid near $10,000 in parking fines(Photo: David Pepper for Attorney General campaign website)

Democratic attorney general candidate David Pepper has paid nearly $10,000 in parking fines over the past 14 years after being ticketed more than 180 times, according to records reviewed by The Associated Press.

Hamilton County court records show Pepper, who faces Republican incumbent Mike DeWine this fall, was ticketed mostly for parking at meters that had expired or in no-parking or truck loading zones. He also was ticketed about a dozen times for displaying expired plates.

The AP review shows Pepper was cited an average of 13 times a year, most recently in July. The bulk of the tickets came from 2007 to 2009, while he was county commissioner. Fines ranged from $14 to $100, some doubled because they were paid late.

Campaign spokesman Peter Koltak said Pepper got many of the tickets while attending late meetings.

“Amid a hectic schedule, mostly years back, David got too many tickets, and he paid them,” Koltak said. “He’s happy to debate old parking tickets versus Mike DeWine’s current practices as attorney general.”

Pepper, a Cincinnati lawyer, has criticized DeWine for politicizing the process for doling out lucrative state collections and special counsel work.

The Democrat’s dozens of parking tickets come to light as Democrats’ gubernatorial candidate, Ed FitzGerald, faces criticism for lacking a valid driver’s license for a decade.

Records show Pepper has paid $9,229 for 182 tickets since 2000, continuing to park illegally even after his high number of citations was featured in the local news.

DeWine campaign spokesman Ryan Stubenrauch said having so many tickets isn’t a simple oversight.

“Nearly everyone has made a mistake by forgetting to go back and feed a parking meter,” Stubenrauch said. “But that Mr. Pepper racked up nearly $10,000 in fines shows a stunning disregard for basic traffic laws – particularly for someone running to be Ohio’s top law officer.”

  • 333SAL

    I’ve seen a lot about the driving/traffic habits of the Democrat candidates, but very little in the mainstream press re. some of the egregious political behavior of the incumbent Republicans. There is a priority of importance here. Getting parking tickets, especially if engaged in responsibilities at the time, is not relevant to this voter. He paid them, didn’t he? It’s not a dangerous behavior, is it?

    Let’s talk more about what DeWine and Kasich have done in office to pad the pockets of the elites at the expense of the average Ohio citizen. Voters are getting almost no information lately about that, and it affects all of us.

    I expect more of NPR!

    • Cid

      GREAT POINT, SAL – guess NPR is in the same pockets as Kasich
      The goal is evidently to deflect voters from the real issues
      If Kasich is so good for Ohio, they should be explaining the results seen on “STATE OF OHIO DEBT CLOCK” – look it up and tell me what Kasich is really doing for OHIO?

  • Marc

    Like this one: DeWine’s fundraising practices. He’s piggybacking off a report last
    month by the Dayton Daily News that found that firms seeking influence
    and work in the attorney general’s office contributed to DeWine, his son
    and the Ohio Republican Party.

  • Marc

    Or how about DeWines handling of the Walmart shooting in Beavercreek, Ohio. He refused to turn the investigation over to the Department of Justice until there was enough time to assemble a grand jury to clear the officers involved. It was only after this was done he called for the DOJ to step in. Mr. DeWine was from the Beavercreek area and at one time was the county prosecutor. The case involved a young black man who picked up an un-boxed BB gun and walked around the store with it, at no time threatening anyone with it. A Walmart customer seen the man with the gun and fabricated a story that the man was threatening customers with it. The Beavercreek police went in and shot the man on site. DeWine should have excused himself and his department because of several conflicts of interest. DeWine still owns property in the area among many other interests that include stock in Walmart where the shooting took place, DeWine is a crook, and I don’t mean the usual politician type crook, but a real bad egg. We need to get this worthless bum out of the Attorney generals office now.