Palm-Sized Spider Found At Southern Ohio Preserve

A wolf spider(Photo: ugly-animals blogspot)
A wolf spider(Photo: ugly-animals blogspot)

A big, hairy, palm-sized spider more common in the South has been spotted in Ohio, reportedly for the first time in six decades.

A group of naturalists recently discovered a silver-haired Carolina wolf spider in its burrow at a preserve in Adams County in southern Ohio.

The spider has eight eyes, white and black stripes and orange fangs that carry venom to paralyze insects for food.

One of the naturalists who found it was Jim McCormac, who works for the state Department of Natural Resources. He calls the spider “the holy grail of arachnids.”

Another of the naturalists, John Howard, says the discovery is cool for people who like spiders and, in his words, “a real horror story” for those that don’t.

  • Melissa L. Weber

    It has a sort of bemused expression….. just like mine at the thought of seeing it in person…..