WOSU News Archives For: August 15, 2014

OSU Trustees Decline To Act On Band Director’s Firing

The Ohio State University Marching Band Performs Script Ohio
The Ohio State University Marching Band
15, 2014

The former director of the Ohio State University Marching Band, Jon Waters, appealed Thursday to the university’s board of trustees to be reinstated. On Friday, the board, in response, sent a letter to Waters’ attorney declining to do so.

Lake Erie Water Moves To Forefront For Lawmakers

State lawmakers from Northern Ohio meet to devise ways to clean up Lake Erie and protect the water supply.
15, 2014

The health of Lake Erie and ways to combat the algae fouling the water are on the agenda for state lawmakers from northern Ohio.

Ohio Jobless Rate Increases In July

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reports the state's jobless rate increased in July
15, 2014

Ohio’s unemployment rate for July ticked up slightly after job reports for the last two months showed the rate at its lowest level since before the Great Recession.

Columbus Rally Part Of National Protest

Sam Gresham of Common Cause Ohio speaks at a Thursday rally denouncing police violence.
15, 2014

Dozens of locals gathered at a downtown Columbus park Thursday night to remember victims of police violence.

Ohio Officials Say Measles Outbreak Fading

Ohio Department of Health symbol
Ohio public health officials say measles outbreak in Ohio's Amish country is fading
August 15, 2014

Health officials say no measles cases have been reported in Ohio since mid-July, while mumps cases continue to be tallied.