WOSU News Archives For: August 5, 2014

OSU Renews Charges Against Fired Band Director

The Ohio State University Marching Band
5, 2014

Ohio State today reiterated its charges against fired Marching Band Director Jon Waters.

Columbus Woman Tested For Ebola Virus

A Columbus woman, who exhibited symptoms of Ebola, tests negative for the deadly virus.
5, 2014

Test results for a woman, 46, in Columbus exhibiting symptoms of Ebola came back negative, according to Columbus Public Health.

Gay Marriage Arguments Flooding Federal Courts

A federal court in southwest Ohio prepares to hear six same-sex marriage cases from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.
5, 2014

Challenges to same-sex marriage bans in four states will be argued this week in Cincinnati, the biggest day yet in a slew of upcoming cases going before federal appeals judges covering nearly half the United States.

New Ohio Health Director’s Background Questioned

Ohio Department of Health symbol
Democratic challenger Ed Fitzgerald is among several people questioning Governor Kasich's choice to lead the Ohio Dept. of Health.
August 5, 2014

The governor’s Democratic challenger is among those raising questions about the qualifications of the man tapped to lead the Ohio Department of Health.

State Lawmaker Wants To Ban Cities From Housing Some Immigrants

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley is in a public fight with Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, who says the region doesn't have the resources to house immirgants who've crossed into the U.S. recently.
August 5, 2014

A Republican state lawmaker has introduced legislation to keep Ohio agencies from agreeing to house immigrants who are in the country illegally. It follows the mayor of Dayton saying the city is willing to house some of the immigrant children who’ve crossed the U.S. southern border recently.

Farmers At Least Partly To Blame For Toledo Water Crisis

The blue-green algae inundating Lake Erie and some other Ohio lakes is fueled by fertilizer runoff from farm fields and lawns.
5, 2014

About a half-million people were told to avoid their tap water after tests showed a toxin linked to algae found in Lake Erie. That algae is fueled by fertilizer runoff.

All Brass Instruments Could Account For OSUMB Gender Gap

Ohio State Band
Even though Title IX was enacted more than 40 years ago, women remain underrepresented in the OSUMB. Some people say the disparity is due to the band's instrumental makeup.
5, 2014

The Ohio State University Marching Band has been under intense scrutiny since its director was unexpectedly fired last month. The firing shined a spotlight on the gender disparity in the band. WOSU takes a look at what may be driving the band’s gender gap.