Ohio’s Gay Marriage Debate Goes Beyond Courtroom

WOSU Archive(Photo: WOSU Archive)
WOSU Archive(Photo: WOSU Archive)

Debate over Ohio’s ban on gay marriage extends beyond its courts to libraries, community centers and city streets.

Supporters of same-sex marriage are holding town hall meetings and house parties to try to sway more Ohioans to their side.

Other backers have circulated petitions at festivals and parades in a push to get the issue before voters. Meanwhile, opponents say their volunteers and 10,000 churches are ready to counter the efforts.

A federal appeals court in Cincinnati will hear two challenges to the state’s gay marriage ban on Aug. 6, along with cases from Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Groups in Ohio have been mobilizing for action beyond any court decision.

Ohioans approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in 2004 with 62 percent of the vote.

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