New OSU President Outlines Priorities

OSU President Michael Drake outlined some of his priorities with reporters after about a week on campus.(Photo: UC Irvine)
OSU President Michael Drake outlined some of his priorities with reporters after about a week on campus.(Photo: UC Irvine)

Ohio State University’s new president is settling in after about a week on the job. Michael Drake sat down with reporters to outline some of his priorities as he begins his tenure on campus.

Research, fundraising, and student safety were some of the issues Drake, 63, touched on at the Wednesday afternoon meeting.

He said he will focus on making the university’s research efforts profitable.

“Creation of knowledge is a primary mission and then turning that knowledge into something useful,” Drake said.

Drake also discussed fundraising, and noted Ohio State has a supportive, giving community.

“So our job then is to show those people why this is the best place that they can invest in if they want to change the world and make a positive difference.”

Drake told reporters he met with University Police to discuss crime and safety on campus.

“They have to be safe. This has to be a place that every one of  our students feels completely safe in his or her person wherever they happen to be and whatever their particular orientation.”

Always engaged with students, Drake said that won’t change. He said he has always planed to be involved in student life,  from student-run organizations to being in the classroom.

“I’ve taught since I was in school. I began teaching on a formal basis when in medical school as a second year student, and I taught undergraduates this year.  I plan on starting that next year.”

A physician, Drake noted he will be involved in the expanding OSU Medical Center.

Drake said he and his wife are settling into the president’s mansion in Bexley. Although he’s only been on campus a short time, Drake is preparing to ride in part of this year’s Pelatonia.

  • Chris Metzger

    article gives a good preview of OSU’s future. No mention whatsoever of tuition
    cost controls, and continued pouring of money into the university’s health care factories. How about some self-imposed cost
    controls like cutting or at least freezing the ridiculous salaries of administrators, including his own.
    Another news service reported: “We have to make sure we do all we can to make the school efficient
    and we have to reach out to philanthropy to support our students.” How
    about practicing what you preach? Perhaps a good start would be more modest living arrangements. The president’s mansion? Still? Really??