Study Says Federal Food Aid Also Feeds Local Economy And Jobs

Economist Bill LaFayette(Photo: Sam Hendren / WOSU)
Economist Bill LaFayette(Photo: Sam Hendren / WOSU)

A local economist says federal money allocated to feeding Franklin County’s poor has a significant impact on the regional economy. Regionomics owner Bill LaFayette says every $5 dollars spent in Franklin County – at a grocery store for example – actually generates $8 dollars.

“That grocery store then becomes busier and they may have to hire additional people. Those additional people take their wages and then go and buy groceries of their own, they may go and buy a car, they may go and buy a haircut,” LaFayette says.

LaFayette released his findings Thursday. He says federal food assistance programs boost Franklin County’s economic output by $309 million dollars annually.

  • Scott Varner

    Great information on the Hunger Hub ( on how these federal programs do far more than just provide food and nutrition to about 450,000 Franklin County residents each year, many of them children.