Report: Fewer Limits, More Concealed Guns In Ohio

WOSU Archive(Photo: WOSU Archive)
WOSU Archive(Photo: WOSU Archive)

More Ohioans are carrying concealed guns and with fewer restrictions 10 years after the state began allowing people to carry hidden handguns.

A published report says there’s been a reduction in Ohio restrictions involving concealed handguns since sheriff’s offices in Ohio began issuing licenses for them in April 2004. They can now be carried in cars, purses and bags and are allowed in bars and public parking lots among other changes.

Gun advocates say the changes were needed to get rid of rules that were too restrictive. Anti-gun advocates say reduced restrictions encroach on the freedoms of Ohioans who don’t carry hidden guns.

The report says the number of new Ohio concealed carry permits has doubled since 2010 with nearly 97,000 new concealed handgun licenses issued last year.

  • dr.marlene

    And what will be the end of this? This is insanity. People will be afraid of leaving their homes TO BUY THINGS AND PUT MONEY INTO THE ECONOMY. I CAN JUST IMAGINE FURTIVE TRIPS TO KROGERS IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING, IN THE HOPE THAT NOBODY WILL BE THERE TO SHOOT ME OVER A BOX OF CEREAL. IMAGINE KIDS IN THE PARKS,TEACHERS IN THE SCHOOLS, PEOPLE IN BARS AND RESTAURANTS AND CHURCHES! WHO WILL ATTEND AND PUT MONEY IN THE BASKET? I guess each person will have to stay holed up in their habitats, themselves armed for the people who they are asssured are coming for them. This is a gun lobby’s and NRA’s dream come true. They must be orgasmic over it. IS THERE NOBODY ELSE IN CHARGE HERE??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN????

  • J. M. Novak

    I agree with Dr. Marlene. Our own safety and that of our children and grandchildren is greatly decreased as more and more people carry firearms, especially since any fanatical terrorist or dangerous criminal can buy guns without background checks at gun shows. Look at the evidence. Countries with more reasonable restrictions on guns have a much, much, much lower homicide rate. I personally feel less safe in any area when concealed weapons are allowed. In addition, our law enforcement officers are put at greater risk when concealed weapons are allowed in motor vehicles. I understand selling guns designed for hunting; I do not understand selling weapons designed to help soldiers kill during war. When will this NRA insanity stop?

    • lonenors3man

      The biggest problem with your post is lack of data. You say homicides are lower in countries where guns are more restricted. Please provide evidence that this is the case.

      Also realize most statistics of gun related homicides include self-defense. So if I owned a gun and shot someone trying to beat me with a hammer, it would be considered gun related homicide. This is what it would be written up as in the police report and i wouldn’t be charged as it was self-defense. However it still would be reported as a firearm related homicide.

      I don’t see how any other statistic would be important, so using a general concept if homicide is fool hardy.

  • Joseph Richard Stokes

    The gun has played a pivotal role in history. An invention which has been praised and denounced… Served both hero and villain alike… And carries with it moral responsibility. To understand the gun is to better understand history and the world we live in today. It’s really strange how some people are of the feeling that guns are a leading cause of death in this country when Heart Disease kills over HALF A MILLION people every year just in America. Let’s take a look at the real killer of Americans every year:

    — Number of deaths for leading causes of death in 2011 —

    Heart disease: 597,689
    Cancer: 574,743
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859
    Alzheimer’s disease: 83,494
    Diabetes: 69,071

    You say you do not understand why anyone would want to buy a gun “that helps soldiers kill during war”? I can only assume you are referring to what those ignorant in the ways of firearms refer to as the “assault” rifle. You CANNOT buy fully automatic firearms on the civilian market without first being scrutinized by the U.S. government, paying a heavy tax and the firearm must have been manufactured prior to a certain year. Oh, and the government also keeps close tabs on ALL automatic firearms in this country. So why would anyone want to own military style firearms?

    1. Let’s face it, shooting guns is an American past time that many people enjoy simply for the fun of it. Whether it’s a high powered AR-15 or a low powered .22 caliber rim fire pistol. Guns are just fun to shoot. Who is anyone to say you can’t have fun with firearms simply because they are a dangerous tool in the wrong hands? A car is a dangerous 2,500 pound weapon in the wrong hands but no one has a problem with racing or high powered cars in a safe, controlled environment.

    2. Many people use modern military style guns for competition. The AR-15 is one of the most versatile firearms to use during competition simply because the upper and lower receivers can be used interchangeably. This makes competitions easier because you do not need a different gun for every event. One gun with several different upper receivers is much easier to handle than 5 or 6 different guns.

    3. Many people prefer to hunt with modern style firearms simply because they are lighter, modular, more reliable and more accurate.

    Most people who do not bother to look up statistics provided by the FBI and other federal agencies tend to think high powered rifles and assault style rifles cause many, many deaths every year but this simply IS NOT true. According to the FBI’s data below, SMALL…LOW CALIBER…LOW CAPACITY…EASILY CONCEALED HANDGUNS are the real problem:

    Rifle murders in 2011 = 323

    Handgun murders in 2011 = 6,220

    This is a really interesting number as well. More people are killed by HANDS, FISTS and FEET than long rifles:

    Personal weapons (Hands, firsts, feet, etc.) murders in 2011 = 728

    So yes, we need restrictions on handguns, thorough background checks and not allowing repeat violent offenders to purchase them LEGALLY. We also need increased efforts on finding the people who are selling guns illegally, the illegal guns themselves and the criminals buying them. However, I don’t care if every firearm on the planet suddenly disappeared tomorrow. The violence we see in this world from bad people doesn’t stem from the fact that firearms exist. Only those ignorant of the world, firearms and how to look up information feel that the big bad black assault rifle should never be able to be bought or sold by civilians or that there is this huge epidemic of violence from rifled long guns.

    I find it offensive that some folks out there feel I should not be allowed to protect my own life, in my own house within the law. The police RARELY prevent crime and when they do it takes years of hard work to pull it off or they get lucky. The primary job of the beat cop in uniform is not to go after people preemptively. Dialing 911 will not place you in a protective shield that magically prevents someone from pulling the trigger, stabbing you multiple times or kidnapping you. The job of the police is to respond to crimes in progress and where they see it occur. Then solve the crime based on the evidence at the scene or the testimony of those involved.

    What’s worse? The psychopath who shoots down 20 people in an afternoon then commits suicide or the quiet serial killer who strangles 20 people to death over the course of 20 years simply by killing one person at a time? Either way, bad people are not going away simply because someone cannot walk into a gun shop anymore. To think so is ignorance and naivete. Violent individuals and groups of individuals who care little for others and see life as cheap are older than society itself. They were among us long before guns were invented and they will be around well after guns are superseded by an even better technology.

    If you are incapable of protecting yourself, your family or your fellow citizens even though you’re in good physical/mental condition then you are weak minded, simply choose not to care or both. It’s the job of every citizen, including law enforcement, to protect others from those individuals who seek to harm us and our children. A citizen is the first line of the defense against crime and sometimes the best defense. It’s true that someone with a gun and violent intentions can cause all of us great sorrow but so can someone with a stash of pipe bombs. Whether you like it or not, protecting yourself is simply something you have to do. If you are physically capable of doing so but choose not to then you are an irresponsible adult.