Police Investigate Nude Pictures Of Teens

Instragram logo(Photo: Instagram)
Instragram logo(Photo: Instagram)

Central Ohio police are investigating nude photos of underage teens which have shown up on a social media site. WOSU reports investigators are being tight-lipped about the case.

The investigation was prompted after Westerville Police say it received a call about an Instagram account – a social media photo sharing site – that contained nude pictures of juveniles.

Westerville Police said the case was out of its jurisdiction and referred the case to Genoa Township Police.

Genoa Police Chief Steve Gammill declined comment. But on the department’s Facebook page, Gammill refered to the case as a “criminal investigation”.

Gammill said details are only shared with prosecutors, especially in those “when it involves juveniles.” Gammill went on to write, “We make sure the parents are aware of their child’s involvement.”

Westerville City Schools declined to say whether any of its students are associated with the case. But it noted on the district’s Facebook page that “police consider this matter to be a societal issue involving teenagers and their inappropriate use of technology.”

The district post also said it wishes for an expedient resolution so the issue “can be addressed appropriately with our students and their families.”

  • Just_Plain_Jim

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