State Releases Annual Death Penalty Report

File photo(Photo: Wikipedia)
File photo(Photo: Wikipedia)

The Ohio Attorney General’s office has released its annual report on capital punishment in the state.

The annual report covers every execution in Ohio since 1981 when the state reinstated the death penalty. Four people joined that list last year, and all were from northern Ohio.

A fifth death row inmate died of natural causes after making national headlines over his “too fat to be executed” defense. The most controversial execution in recent years came in early 20145 when Dennis McGuire took several minutes to die when he was executed with a new drug cocktail.

Since 1981, Ohio has executed 52 inmates. The average age of inmates put to death in Ohio is 45 years old. 63 percent were white and 36 percent black, and each spent an average of 16.5 years on death row before their execution.