Obama: OSU, EWI To Help Research Lightweight Metals Creation

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EWI, a technology research organization founded in Columbus in 1984
EWI, a technology research organization founded in Columbus in 1984

President Obama said Tuesday that his administration is creating two new hubs that will link manufacturers with several research universities; one of them Ohio State. Obama says one of the two new consortiums will focus on modern lightweight metals manufacturing.

“Imagine our workers manufacturing lightweight materials that used to be science fiction; a sheet of metal that’s thinner than paper but as strong as steel,” Obama said.

Ohio State is one of several universities that will collaborate over a multi-year period with EWI, a non-profit engineering and technology research organization founded 30 years ago in Columbus by OSU. Obama says he wants to re- capture U.S. preeminence in high-tech manufacturing.

“I don’t want the next big job-creating discovery to come from Germany or China or Japan. I want it to be made here in America,” Obama said.

The Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation Institute would be funded by a $70 million federal commitment with more funding coming from state and other government entities. Obama says putting America at the forefront of manufacturing will ensure the creation of well-paying domestic jobs.

“Keeping America at the cutting edge of technology and innovation is what is going to ensure a steady stream of good jobs into the 21st Century,” Obama said.

The institute will be based in Detroit.