Abortion Clinic Can Stay Open During Appeal

File photo(Photo: Flickr / SalFalko)
File photo(Photo: Flickr / SalFalko)

A judge will allow a suburban Cincinnati abortion clinic to remain open as it appeals a state closure order.

Hamilton County Judge Jerome Metz’s Friday decision follows arguments from the Lebanon Road Surgery Center of Sharonville and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

The Ohio Department of Health ordered the closure after agency Director Theodore Wymyslo revoked the facility’s license, questioning whether the clinic had followed rules to provide back-up care.

Clinic attorneys attribute the closure order to political pressure. They say the clinic’s patients always have been safely cared for and that its medical director never broke any rules.

Under the state’s order, the clinic would have had to close Thursday.

It will now be allowed to remain open as it appeals the state’s order to close.

  • SuziQ

    How sad for pregnant women in Cincinnati; including the little person that is, in FACT, the reason for their pregnancy…the living little being in their womb. Abortions damage the health and life of more than just the ‘mother’. What is so glaringly obvious is the “Planned Barrenhood” mindset that treats women like a ‘walk-in’ dollar sign..profit$$$; in comparison, you would never abort your own much loved pet dog’s puppies…..You might have her ‘fixed’ if you did not want more puppies….but once she was already pregnant, you’d see her through the pregnancy and then adopt the puppies out or whatever. How much more….our human babies; w/a beating little heart between 21-27 days gestation……This IS a NEW Century…Wake Up, American Women!! Our “Choice” should never be DEATH, but life continued w/all those other “Choices”…like keeping what you created, or adoption, or family, or friend.